Creative Touch Hair & Nail Salon

10 W. Main St.
Dryden, NY 13053

User Reviews

Stylist: Lynn

I have been searching for a local stylist to cut my curly-wavy hair for, literally, years. Finally I have found Lynn at Creative Touch Salon in Dryden and I couldn't be happier! Lynn really knows how to cut and care for curly hair-she has thick, curly hair herself plus her Mom is also a stylist. Together they have decades of experience with curly hair and it really shows. Also, unlike a lot of other stylists who offer "curly cuts" Lynn does NOT charge an arm and a leg or push you to buy a ton of products to tame your hair. Instead she works with your natural curl to cut your hair in such a way that you won't need a lot of product. She also shares her hard-won knowledge about the best way to care for your curly hair so that you don't need all those other products anyway. If you're like me and have pretty much given up on finding a good stylist all I can say is give Lynn a call. She's fabulous!

Reviewed on 09.27.11

Stylist: Lynn

This Salon has a great group of girls many of whom have curly hair! Lynn is a spokesperson for curls and tries to help anyone with curls to learn to treat them right and to "love" your curls! She gives curly cuts too which you don't find in this area very often.

Reviewed on 11.04.08