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Montgomerey Village Shopping Center
701 Village Court
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

User Reviews

Stylist: Whitney

I had been searching for a stylist ever since I left Vegas. I set up a consultation with her before I went in for an appointment. She said that she wouldn't cut my hair dry "because she would get lost in it". I have never had my hair cut dry, so I believed her. I had been growing my hair out for a year, so it was the longest it had been (ever?). I kept on repeating that I wanted to keep the length..It seemed that she really understood, so i booked an appointment with her. I asked for "long layers" as well as "facial framing layers". I don't know what I got! When she was cutting my hair, I noticed that she cut the ends of my hair, she cut in a straight line; not each curl. I lost at least 3 inches (maybe 4) that day, and for my facial framing layers, she simply angled her scisors and slid down my hair like a child slides down a slide.

Reviewed on 11.10.08