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Stylist: Jenn Canning

Jennifer has moved (as of March 2011) to Tanzanite Salon in downtown Boise 344-1700. Find won't be sorry! :)

Reviewed on 03.17.11

Stylist: Jennifer Canning

After moving to Idaho and desperately searching for a stylist to do an amazing cut/style on my hair I finally found Jennifer Cannng. She was located at Euphoria Salon, in Hyde Park in Boise. After being to so many people not understanding my curly hair's needs...and receiving unsatisfying hair cuts and styles. I finally came across this website and discovered Jennifer through another curly hair review. My hair has never looked and felt better than it does now. Not only did she help me with the best products to suit my hairs needs, and of course my budge; but she listens, and works with me to deliver the kind of curls I desired, and worked with the curls I naturally have. She really listened and helped me to achieve the hair style I was looking for even the days I didn't see her. She gave me daily tips, and such simple things I didn't even think about would effect my hair and style until she brought it up. Through Jennifer I have not only discovered the natural beauty of my hair, using natural and AMAZING products but also simple things I never though about until she asked me my daily treatment of hair and what not to do, and what to do, to keep it in it's best condition, even when I have to wear it up everyday for my career. Now that Jennifer is moving on to a different salon (Tanzanite Salon) on March 1st, I plan to follow her as long as I can to continue receiving amazing hair advice, and the best cut and style that works with my natural curls. For the longest time I've been wanting softer curls and Jennifer worked with me to deliver the curls and texture I've been looking for. I couldn't have dreamed up a better stylist. Her personality is outgoing and so sweet. She's not only a great stylist but a great friend as well. Thank you for everything Jennifer! -Kendra Mountain Home, Idaho

Reviewed on 02.20.11

Stylist: Jennifer Canning

Jenn has been cutting my curly hair for several years now. I found her through another salon and happily followed her to Euphoria. She's worth battling the parking in Hyde Park! She always asks a lot of questions and better yet, she always LISTENS! It didn't take her long to get a feel for my curls, even though mine get tighter the longer my hair gets which is opposite of most. She's by far the best stylist I've had for my curly hair. She always cuts it on the right part of the curl, so I never have any of those weird pieces that stick out when the curl has been cut in the wrong spot. She's always upbeat and positive and is just a joy to see at every appointment. She has great ideas and truly understands the ordeal of having curly hair. She has never cut my hair with the intention of it being styled straight, which is the problem I had with several other stylists I'd used in the past. I love that she "gets it". I'm no longer disappointed that we don't have a Ouidad salon nearby and that's saying a lot! Jenn is fabulous and I hope everyone that is unhappy with their curls finds their way over to her. She's a genius :-)

Reviewed on 04.11.10

Stylist: Jenn Canning

I decided to make an appointment with Jenn Canning after reading the recommendations on this website. I hadn't been to a stylist in several years. I had been trimming it and coloring it myself. It was pretty horrible when I went in for my appointment. Jenn went through lots of different color ideas with me and helped me decide on one. After coloring she gave me my haircut. She asked lots of questions so I was getting exactly what I wanted. She has curly hair so she understands about dryness and frizz. And she gave me lots of great ideas and suggested some helpful products. I thought it was pretty much like any other hair appointment until I got home. It doesn't even look like the same hair! It used to be uneven and damaged and gross and stringy and multi-colored. Now it is soft and bouncy and perfect! I don't even know what Jenn did differently, but I'm definitely going back to her. I'm moving away from Boise soon, but I might have to come back every couple months to let Jenn do my hair!

Reviewed on 04.09.10

Stylist: Jennifer Canning

I have curly hair but it is always frizzy. Jennifer at Euphoria suggested all the right products to tame my mane. She went through the product knowledge on their contents and use, and I was able to get the same results at home!

Reviewed on 11.11.08