106 Royce St
Los Gatos, CA 95030

User Reviews

Stylist: Deanna Guerrero

I tend to get my hair cut spur of the moment. It is usally hard to screw up my hair. But at the same time most stylists still cut it as straight hair and so wearing it curly is a challenge. I get sick of the frizz and poof and go get it cut. So I ended up at Krush that day because Deanna could get me in asap. She has curly hair herself and totally got where I was comming from. She gave me the hair cut I wanted, literally exactly what I wanted. She even used my products I brought with me. I am allergic to alot of things and she was cool with using what I knew was safe. This is the first time in a long time someone has actually wowed me with the my haircut. I love it. I is 3 weeks out and I still love my hair cut just as much if not more. I was so impressed I actually scheduled another appointment something I never do. I would recommend going to see her. I have tried at least three other "curly" hair stylist in Los Gatos they did an OK job but nothing like Deanna. kc

Reviewed on 11.22.08