130 Sears Avenue
St. Matthews, KY 40207

User Reviews

Stylist: Sedat

After trying and dismissing 3 different Aveda salons in the Louisville area I was desperate for a good haircut. I started stopping curlies in the grocery store, mall, etc. and asking for recommendations. I ended up, quite happily, at Sedat's. Excellent cuts, and color. I feel the need to say there is nothing luxurious about this salon (in case that matters to you). Also reasonably priced for St. Matthews. This is a "Mom & Pop" operation. Although I never had my hair cut/colored by Sedat's wife, it appears she is also quite good. One negative is that they do not have a receptionist. One of my friends cancelled an appointment by leaving a message on the salon answering machine, and apparently the message did not make it to the appropriate person. When my friend did not show up for the (cancelled) appointment, a rather nasty message was left on her answering machine.

Reviewed on 12.10.08