Eric Alt Salon

219 Valley Boulevard
Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

User Reviews

Stylist: Lisa

Eric Alt Salon is very warm and inviting. I really liked Lisa. She took the time to listen to me and know what I wanted in a haircut. After getting so many bad cuts, I was hoping she would be my saving grace, but the truth is, I ended up leaving very disappointed. My hair looked like I had just come out of the rain, frizzy and flat. I thought maybe it was just the way she styled it, but I couldn't get it to look much better at home. Then I realized my curls had been sliced into; almost looks razored. I'm so frustrated and still in search of a stylist who can give me a great cut!!

Reviewed on 06.04.09

Stylist: Lisa

I tried the Eric Alt Salon today in Wood-Ridge, NJ. I was so pleasantly surprised by the whole experience!!!! When I called to make an appointment I specifically asked for someone who was trained with curly hair and they made an appointment for me with Lisa. My hair has never looked this good she worked magic!!!! I have gone through one bad haircut to the next in the past and now I have finally found a home, thank you so much Lisa. Everyone at the salon was pleasant and professional, it is a bit pricey but well worth it.

Reviewed on 12.10.08