Transition Day Spa

1497 East Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027

User Reviews

Stylist: Eddie

Its true, Eddie has to be told more than once NOT to cut your hair short or he just loikes to snip. He does like to blow it out straight, you just have to tell him NO. I went to him for years b/c he got my hait back in shape froma nsaty cut. He is very good with direction!

Reviewed on 05.03.08

Stylist: Eddie Ortiz

First off, he is not a curly hair specialist. While it is not the worst haircut I have ever had it is not the best. He just wanted to straighten it or dry it when I said I wanted to work with my curls. I have very good even uniform spiral curls. I just needed a few inches cut off for frizz control. Second if you value your long hair do not go!!! I have finally stopped crying over the loss of my long beautiful curls (mostly). I am SICK over the loss of my hair. He showed me where he wanted to cut it to & it is a good 6 inches shorter. Ugh, I am disgusted. When I left I looked like I had some frizz from hell action in the back like I have never seen. I got to my car & poured a bottle of water over my head & combed it out. Waste of money and now my hair is gone. DO NOT GO HERE PLEASE! You will be sorry.

Reviewed on 07.03.07

Stylist: Eddie Ortiz

Eddie was positive, encouraging and efficient and I really enjoyed my time with him in the salon. I felt confident about his expertise and am happy that he recommended that I grow my fine, curly hair longer and recommended some products for me to use while keeping it in condition. Finally, I'm happy with my cut and definitely plan to go back next time.

Reviewed on 12.30.06