Kiss Kiss Salon

5416 N Maryland
Portland, OR 97217

User Reviews

Stylist: Sarah Stevens

Sarah, who owns Kiss Kiss Salon, is a real dynamo. Personable and knowledgeable, she is great at working with you to determine what cut will both look good on you and be functional to your lifestyle. Her salon is very laid back, the stylists have worked together for years and can usually look at someone and tell who they're there to visit. A cup of tea, relaxing music, and a round of storytelling and laughs are par for the course.

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Sarah Stevens

I really like Sarah - she's got a good, maybe even a touch too conservative, attitude toward curly cuts, using the Deva method. This means that you will never leave feeling like you've had too much taken off. She's also really great to talk with, takes her time with you, and charges a fair price ($45/cut). My only problem is her limited availability - don't know if she only works 10 hours a week or what, but when I called last week desperate for a cut, the earliest she could get me in was 7-8 weeks away. I'm going back to my other stylist, who does an equally good job (though not a Deva cut), and after saying "I'm really booked out" was able to get me in in 10 days.

Reviewed on 08.10.10

Stylist: Sarah Stevens

If you're looking for a Deva cut in Portland, I whole-heartedly recommend going to Sarah at Kiss Kiss. Besides having a lot of experience doing Deva cuts, she has worked with Lorraine Massey a good deal. When Sarah cut my hair, she told me I'd probably want to see her again in six months to a year–and eleven months later, I just made my next appointment with her! I've never had a cut that could last more than four or five months and still look this good. Sarah was really good at listening to my concerns and making a cut that would perform as I wanted it to when I braid my hair, on my bike, etc. Kiss Kiss is in the ground floor of a vintage home, and has an amiable atmosphere. They sell all the Deva products except I think the hair dryer.

Reviewed on 12.23.08