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Stylist: Andrea

Andrea has moved on from Stylus. She is now working in Los Angeles.

Reviewed on 06.11.14

Stylist: Andrea

Andrea has been doing my hair since August of 2007. At first i was skeptical because I'm an African-American girl, and she's white, so I thought, "Hmmm, we'll see how this goes.." but she's great! I would recommend her to any woman of color with naturally kinky or curly hair that really wants someone who knows what they're talking about and will actually take good care of your hair. She gives me good advice on everything, even now while I'm living in Boston, I call her and ask ," Hey, is this good for my hair? what if I try this?" She's great. I really would recommend her to anyone, black, white, asian, hispanic, EVERYONE! She's fabulous. She does everything. I even got my best friend to start going to her. She's wonderful.

Reviewed on 05.03.09