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Fremont, CA 94538

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Stylist: Karlene

I also went to Karlene @ Entourage because of positive reviews at yelp. I was disappointed - the first thing she did was wet my hair - which is a big no-no. The layers were cut as one would cut straight hair. I am not very fussy - I still like my hair but I was sad I spent $50 on a haircut that I could have gotten done from a corner shop for under $15.

Reviewed on 09.17.08

Stylist: Karlene

ALL My friends are asking me, “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR?!” I went to Karlene because of all the positive comments on this site. I lost Larry at Millennium because of the crappy management there and Carmen of Velvet Waves had to relocate back east because of family. They gave great cuts that I could wear curly, wavy, or even straight. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING WITH MY HAIR NOW! IT IS A NIGHTMARE. I have a Christmas tree hair cut w/ short heavy layers, bangs, and a stump on the back ALL THE THINGS I ASKED HER NOT TO DO! I showed her past actual pics of my haircut the way I liked it. SHE DID NOT LISTEN! I HAD TO TELL HER TO STOP CUTTING THE TOP! She can’t give you a professional career cut. The oblong bowl and the Christmas tree might work for corkscrew curls and really long 80’s hair BUT not for people with curl like Dana Delaney or Sigourney Weaver.

Reviewed on 04.08.06