Legar Salon

334 California Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94306

User Reviews

Stylist: Claudia

I have been to Claudia twice, and did not get great cuts each time. Unlike my previous stylists who followed the natural shape of the waves when cutting, she cut my hair on a fixed pattern, ignoring the underlying wave. The result was a barely adequate cut the first time, and bad layering and hair a couple of inches too short the second time. Would not recommend.

Reviewed on 06.05.11

Stylist: Claudia

I have followed other good recommendations from this website and had great experiences with curly hair stylists, but this one was a disappointment. Claudia displayed inexperience with curly hair. She cut my hair in a way where it doesn't move at all nor do the curls stand out. And then she "patted" gel on the sides of my head, not all over or even the ends; I was puzzled by it. I left looking as if I rode in a car with the hood down. It has been a huge mess ever since then. My curls have looked dead (it's been 3 months). I would not recommend her for curly hair. I have had better even by stylists who don't know much about curly hair.

Reviewed on 07.29.09

Stylist: Claudia

I also have seen Claudia a couple times when I am in town and she is awesome! She was very gentle with my hair and trimmed my layers and length when it was dry first before shampooing and conditioning. She then gently dried and styled my hair. My hair responds so well after a cut by her, it makes me so happy! I live in Canada (nobody can cut curly hair in western Canada) and travel home every 2-3 months and make sure I see her. The salon is reasonably priced especially for Palo Alto and it is an Aveda salon which I love too (well minus their hair products lol)

Reviewed on 03.26.09

Stylist: Claudia

I went for my first "curly" cut in years and Claudia erased any reservations I had. She was gentle, understanding, and really listened to what I had in mind for a hairstyle. Claudia knows how to work long layers for curly hair without it resulting as a triangle. She even took the extra step to make sure I understood how to syle my hair on my own. I call her the Edward Scissorhands for curlies because that is how she cuts, little pieces by little pieces, fast but skilled. All at a very affordable price (the prices are listed on the website). Everyone greets you with a warm smile with a offering of cookies or water. It was a very comfortable setting and did not feel "stuffy" even with the Aveda name. The owner even came out after and was very humble & friendly. I will definitely be going back to her many times in the future.

Reviewed on 01.09.09