Mark of Excellence

1046 Suite A Hermosa Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

User Reviews

Stylist: Mark

I was searching for a hair stylist with experience cutting wavy/curly hair, and I found Mark right here on naturallycurly! He had great reviews, so I called for an appointment. Mark was nice enough to squeeze me in the next day. I have very long hair with long, loose curls, and many stylists in the past have failed to cut it the way that I like--really long and full. They usually cut off too much because they are unsure of how to deal with it. Mark gave me beautiful layers without taking off too much length. He even gave me a free touch-up the next week. My hair honestly looks the best that it ever has, and I'm constantly getting complimented on it. What I love about Mark is that he has a warm, friendly personality with a good sense of humor, but is also a pro at his craft. He doesn't push you to buy products like a lot of stylists do, either. In fact, he encouraged me to try the "NO-POO" hair-washing method, and since switching to it, my hair feels the strongest and healthiest it has ever felt! 5 STARS FOR MARK ALL AROUND!

Reviewed on 06.28.15

Stylist: Mark

Reviewed on 03.24.15

Stylist: Mark

I first went to MOE and left a great review of Mark in 2011 and have been going to him ever since. Service is consistently good, in fact, better than ever1 He keeps track of the exact amounts of various colors, highlights, lowlights and glazes he uses on my hair in his computer and evaluates how it looks each time I come back and adjusts the formulas for best results. My color always looks natural. His cuts on my curly hair make it look attractive and stylish. I had never gone to one stylist over and over again until I went to Mark, and now I will not go to anyone else!

Reviewed on 03.21.15

Stylist: Mark

I've been coming to Mark for a little over a year and love what he's done with my hair. He always gives me a cut that grows out beautifully and gorgeous blond highlights. My hair used to be dry and breaking, but is now soft, growing strong and beautiful. Very happy customer.

Reviewed on 10.20.13

Stylist: Mark

I found Mark of Excellence here on a few years ago, and am glad I did. Mark has been cutting and coloring my curls regularly, and it has been such an improvement over chain salons. My hair style is so much nicer and remains consistent from visit to visit. Due to great products, my hair texture/health has noticeably improved. While always respecting my wishes, his suggestion to go a little lighter in color, along with highlighting and/or lowlighting and gloss, has generated compliments from friends who never mentioned my hair color before. The color also lightens up beautifully over the 5-6 weeks between visits, so it looks very natural and doesn't drastically contrast with any gray roots I may have. Owner/stylist Mark is very personable, friendly, and fun. He always offers customers a water, juice, or other beverage or candy, will save a parking space for you, and even put quarters in your meter if need be. I like that his salon is decorated with natural wood fixtures and plants, rather than huge chrome counters and mirrors. The large picture window on the street offers great people watching, and in the summer opens up to let the wonderful ocean breeze in. Overall, it is a pleasant and satisfying experience to visit his salon, relax a while, and leave with a great looking head of curls.

Reviewed on 05.29.11

Stylist: Mark

Mark has been cutting my 2b/3a hair for several years now--it always grows out beautifully.

Reviewed on 05.13.09

Stylist: The Entire Staff

I am a salon client at Mark of Excellence and have had my hair cut by most of the staff! They do so well with curly hair. I love it there and their customer service is excellent.

Reviewed on 02.06.09

Stylist: Mark

I have really curly hair and after years of having just okay haircuts, it's now been two years of having seriously fantastic haircuts! Mark is laid back yet professional, he listens to and respects his customers input and never says anything like, "let's try this instead". I am confident when I visit Mark's salon I will get the best treatment possible and walk out looking great!

Reviewed on 02.01.09

Stylist: Laura and Mark

I had such a great experience here. I read one of the previous reviews and gave them a call and they let me go in that evening (on a Sunday too!!). Everyone at the salon was very helpful and they listened to what I wanted and gave me honest opinions on my cut. I have never loved a haircut so much or felt so comfortable in a salon. I am only going to go here from now on... Seriously it was amazing!!!

Reviewed on 01.12.09

Stylist: Mark

I've been a client fo Mark's for 7 years, and he's kept my hair in great shape. He really listens to my ideas and needs for styling, and is open to change my look. He is a skillful colorist, and uses products that are gentle on the hair. The atmosphere in the salon is low-key and relaxing, and the beach is just a few blosks away. Mark is experienced, skillful and professional, and fun to be around. I've seen lots of other curly-haired clients who, like me, keep coming back. I recommend him to friends and others who ask me for a referral.

Reviewed on 01.31.06