Yasuko @ Kiki's Hair Studio

2880 Pio Pico
Carlsbad, CA 92008

User Reviews

Stylist: Yasuko

Im new in California and so far had the worst experiences, luckily I found Yasuko, I cannot express how much I love my cut! I have curly hair and I have been struggling to find someone that truly knows how to cut my hair! My hair today looks adorable! 100% satisfied :)

Reviewed on 01.20.13

Stylist: Yasuko

I could not disagree more! I know having curly hair takes a special stylist to successfully a good haircut. Yasuko was the most unprofesstional stylist I have ever encountered. She did not listen to anything I said. She cut off 3 inches more than I asked for. She used thining scissors on my hair. Even after I shared with her my experience with having it thinned out. When she pulled them out I asked her to please not to used them on my hair. She rudely said " I am a professional and I know what I am doing" and continued to cut away. Not only was my hair even more frizzy, it was shorter than I asked for and obviously uneven! Oh yeah, it was super thin too. Hands down this was the worst experience I have ever had with a stylist. I am normaly not the kind of person to wright reviews as we all have our bad days. But, thanks to Yasuko, I will be having MANY bad hairs days. It will take months and months to grow my hair out to fix the thinning that she did!!!! Save your hair and go somewhere else!! Oh! I forgot to mention, she chewed, no chomped gum in my ear the entire time!!

Reviewed on 07.18.11

Stylist: Yasuko

Yasuko makes me love my curls! With an incredible talent for cut and color, her ability to create beautiful curls is unmatched. Her cuts make the most of every hair texture, and she truly pays attention to the needs of her clients before she ever lifts a pair of scissors. I have gone to Yasuko for the last four years, and will never go anywhere else. Her attention to detail ensures that every cut is of the highest quality; she will accept nothing less from herself. She is dedicated to the perfection of her craft, and takes the time to continue her education in places like New York and Los Angeles. Her value and quality are absolutely without measure, and any curly head near her salon should make their appointment ASAP.

Reviewed on 01.13.09