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Huntington Beach, CA 92647

User Reviews

Stylist: Windi

I'm embarrassed that I've never given Windi a review! I've seen Windi a number of times and I'm never disappointed. She's very good at listening to what I want and offers suggestions if I ask for them. I have 3b curly hair, which drives me insane most of time, but she loves my hair and is always eager to get in there to see what she can do. The best part about Windi is that she never talks me out of cutting my hair (which I like to keep short) or makes me feel like I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to my own hair. I highly recommend Windi if you're in the area. The salon itself is warm and inviting and the staff are always friendly and helpful.

Reviewed on 06.08.11

Stylist: Christie

I was born with hair like Shirley Temple, and never had a flattering and workable curly haircut until I went to Christie 10 years ago. I have NEVER had a bad haircut from her. She always gives me her honest opinion (“I think you would be happier with…instead”), and a good quality cut. If the style didn’t look good, it was MY fault for pushing her to cut one she had advised me against. Christie is someone I definitely trust to do absolutely anything with my hair; she knows my hair better than I do. Your first visit with Christie will be a consultation, and possibly a trim. Christie takes things slowly at the beginning so she can get to know your hair and its eccentricities. She won’t just jump in and chop off 3-4 inches (even if you demand her to) until she understands how your hair will react. What is your hair texture? What is your curl pattern? What is your wet-dry shrink-rate? Face shape? Hair thickness? Highlighting/coloring?... She wants to make sure you not only walk out of the salon happy, but that you stay that happy between cuts/trims. Because of this, you may have to go for several trims before you see your hair take shape. But once it does, you'll be hooked! Christie is the only person I will let near my hair with scissors. I can’t imagine ever seeing someone else.

Reviewed on 10.15.10

Stylist: Jen

As a local resident in Huntington Beach, I've had my share of stylists and salons in the area. My hair is wavy and frizzy and I've had problems with stylists in the past because of this. I've tried a few "smoothing treatments" from many salons but Tangles With Style really exceeded my expectations. A friend at work had told me that her stylist, Jen at Tangles had a new "keratin smoothing treatment", saying that it was like no other treatment for my frizzy hair. After consulting with her over the phone, she explained to me that compared to other treatments, the keratin treatment keeps hair shinier, healthier, and straighter without damaging. She was SO RIGHT!!! I couldn't believe the difference!! Not only was there a difference in the treatment, but the style and service that came along with it was amazing. I have definitely found the stylist that I've been looking for!! I highly recommend Jen at Tangles w/ Style!

Reviewed on 04.04.09

Stylist: Christy

I just recently went to Christy for a simple hair cut. I have type 2c hair. She had absolutely no idea how to cut my hair. She bluffed her way through the cut so she could charge me and had me leave the shop with wet hair. The hair cut was not any better than any other stylist. She does not know how to cut curly hair. Don't waste your time or money! December 2008

Reviewed on 12.30.08

Stylist: Samantha (Sam)

I had been almost a year since my last cut so I was a bit nervous going to my appointment. The salon was busy and had a good atmosphere. We sat down and talked about my hair and how short I wanted to go. Sam took my idea and totally ran with it, making good suggestions and knew what I was going for. She explained where and why she was cutting specific parts . My hair has never been so happy! I'm excited to lose the jaw clips for a while and let my hair down! Get an appointment with anybody, the whole salon is professional and everybody is very knowledgeable about curly hair.

Reviewed on 09.07.07

Stylist: Chris

I highly recommend Chris. I went to her in desperate need of a base color touch-up and partial highlights. She gave me exactly what I asked for, and the price was right. And she doesn't push products. Don't let the strip mall location fool you; she knows her stuff and prefers a low-key vibe over the hectic, high-drama atmosphere of the higher-end salons. I'll be back!

Reviewed on 03.13.07

Stylist: Jen

I read about Christy on this site. She was booked and suggested I see the girl who cuts her hair, Jen. So I did, I thought, eh, another hair cutter. I was soooo surprised. She did a great job on my hair. She took her time with my hair watching the way it fell before she cut it. She told me it would take a while to get the results I wanted and she was aboslutely right. Jen is fabulous! my hair is shiny, soft and curly! I love it. She is great with color too! I have beautiful highights, no one has ever done as good of a job with my hair! Love you Jen!!! Patti

Reviewed on 03.03.07

Stylist: Christy

I'm going to add to the raves for Christy at Tangles with Style - she will be my stylist of choice from this point on! She really pays attention to your curl, asks you important questions about what you do to your hair, and gives a great cut! I've kept my hair long for too many years because it seemed it always looked too poofy when it was shorter. Well, Christy gave me a shoulder-length cut a few days ago (my third visit to her), and I cannot believe how great my hair looks - with no styling required! Christy gets five stars in my book!

Reviewed on 05.27.06