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Twelve Oaks Mall
27500 Novi Rd
# 140
Novi, MI 48377

User Reviews

Stylist: Michelle Fair

First, after wearing my hair super-short f-o-r-e-v-e-r, I decided to let my hair grow out for the last two years, just hit BSL when completely straightened. I'd get a very light shape-up or trim every 4 months at a salon in my neighborhood. It was fun to see my 3A medium textured, thick hair, finally curl! But at 42, the fact is that I began feeling that it looked too long, poofy, and witchie-looking, and the extra pounds over the last 2 years didn't help. Anyway, I knew I was ready for a big change, but was not feeling 100% confident in who was trimming me and coloring. Two years is a LONG time to un-do with a reckless cut. The person to cut it had to be a seasoned professional. Enter, Michelle Fair. I booked an hour with her because I wanted to talk about what I was looking for and show her some photos (that I forgot in the car, by the way). She listened, gave me her opinion of where I was and where I wanted to go with my hair, did not rush the consultation, was extremely professional, super-nice, and immediately imparted 100% confidence! She wet/conditioned my pre-washed hair and cut it into exactly what I envisioned! A swingy, chin length Bob that can be worn smooth or air-dried curly! This is an amazing cut for me. I've had some weird issues in my life over the last couple of years and New Years Day I made a deal with myself that it was now or never to rise-above the depression. I have to say, looking better is a sure way to begin to feel better :) I absolutely love my hair and never felt nervous that she didn't know EXACTLY what she was doing!

Reviewed on 01.18.09