Argyle Salon

1344 King Street #102
Bellingham, WA 98226

User Reviews

Stylist: Clara Segner

After I became a Curly-Girl convert, I became very aware of the Curly Cut Technique. I wanted to find a salon/stylist that was familiar with this way of cutting hair. I have not found one in Bellingham yet. However, I have found a stylist who is willing and very open to different ways of cutting hair. Her name is Clara and she is the owner/head stylist at Argyle salon. I explained to her Lorraine Massey's technique, and asked if she would be willing to try it out! She was willing! She cut my hair (3b) dry, and tried to cut each curl individually! Honestly, this is the only hair cut in Bellingham that I have been happy with. I now have found a stylist in Seattle that uses Lorraine's technique- but I always know that if I need a trim in a pinch, Clara is the one stylist I feel confident in!

Reviewed on 01.20.09