Bliss Salon and Day Spa

3377 SE Division St. Ste 103
Portland, OR 97202

User Reviews

Stylist: Caitlin

I called the salon and asked the receptionist if Chai or Elyse were still working at Bliss. Neither of them were but I still wanted to try Bliss because I have heard really good things. It was recommended that I see Caitlin. She gave me an anti-frizz gloss conditioning treatment that made my hair feel so much better! She really seemed knowledgeable on cutting curly hair. My haircut turned out beautiful! I am so glad that I have finally found someone that I love. Bliss is a great place! If you have curly hair I highly recommend Caitlin!

Reviewed on 03.10.11

Stylist: Chai

Chai is AWESOME!!! I haven't visited her since she moved to this salon from Dirty Little Secret (though I'm about due for a trim), she is a dream-come-true for curly-haired girls. She knows exactly what to do with curly hair and takes the time to individually cut each and every curl to its best potential. Plus, I'm actually able to repeat the styling tips she gives so I have the just-got-back-from-the-salon look everyday. I haven't needed to take her up on it, but she guarantees her cuts, so if you're disappointed or notice something askew the next day, she'll fix it for free. I moved away from Portland for a couple years and couldn't find anyone to replace Chai, even with the reviews from this website; I'm VERY glad I'm back.

Reviewed on 04.15.09

Stylist: Elyse

I am a loyal customer of Elyse, following her from Dirty Little Secret as she takes her fabulous skills to Bliss in SE Portland. I have never had my naturally (very) curly hair cut so perfectly. I think I told her I just wanted something fun the first time I went to her. I also like my hair on the shorter side. The stylists I had gone to in the past were scared to cut my hair short and never knew how to handle my hair so that I would come out looking like a frizz-ball and ready to cry. Elyse gave me this adorable, diamond shaped style that I could still pull back away from my face. Not only that, but my curls are picture perfect when she's done with them. I have never had a stylist where my hair actually looks better and and my hair adheres to each curl more creating less frizz, the more I go to her. So, if there are any curly girls in the area that are interested in Bliss, I recommend making an appointment and asking for Elyse. She'll change your life.

Reviewed on 01.23.09