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User Reviews (4)

Stylist: Jen VG

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I got my hair cut by Jen today, and I love it! :) While she did shampoo my hair before cutting, she also asked a lot of questions about my hair, how it curls, etc, before she did anything. I am very happy with the way my hair turned out, and I'm definitely going back. :)

Stylist: Sam

Sam was sweet and earnest, but I didn't feel like she really knew how to cut curly hair. When I got home, it was definite triangle hair -- the kind of cut that's meant for straight hair and gets imposed onto a curly girl's head.

Stylist: Sam

I have never had a hairdresser listen so carefully and for so long before she picked up the scissors! Sam knew what I had been through before, what I wanted and what my hair was capable of doing. I have been back again and again and would suggest her in a heartbeat.

Stylist: Kristen G.

I've always HATED getting my hair cut and would usually be in tears afterwards because my very fine very curly hair never looked good and no one seemed to know how to cut it. Ponytails and messy buns were my staple. I was really nervous but Kristen asked me lots of questions about how my hair reacted in different situations and she really studied my hair patterns and took lots of time before she picked up to scissors. I have never had a better cut in my whole life. I'm finally wearing my hair down and my curls are happy-very happy! We're moving out of state-but I made my husband promise I could get my hair cut everytime we come back to the area. Thank you Kristen!

REVIEWED BY: becurly  |  1.24.09