Pink Laser Spa

128 SW 3rd St.
Corvallis, OR 97333

User Reviews

Stylist: Elisha Edwards

After finding Elisha through this site when I moved in 2009, I went to her for every cut of my four years in town. I have type 3a or b curls, and we did cuts ranging from shoulder length to completely cut off and anywhere in between. Sometimes I brought pictures of cuts or colors, or just ideas, and she always managed to cut what I wanted in a flattering way. She was also totally willing if it didn't come out quite right to make adjustments. I experimented a lot and was always happy with the results and got many compliments. I also went from brunette to completely blond for the first time with Elisha and then later after it was all grown out, got blond highlights that looked so good, I didn't need to touch them up 6 weeks later. I would recommend her without reservation, and on top of that, we talked about everything from movies to my dissertation. She is definitely someone I'd call a friend and would recommend for anyone who wants a great cut in the Corvallis area.

Reviewed on 07.14.13

Stylist: Elisha Edwards

Elisha was super sweet and did a great job on my 3a/b curly hair. I searched everywhere for someone to trust with the big chop I was planning, I went from past midway down my back curls to a curly bob above the shoulders. It looks great! I had been to the salon for other services but never for a hair cut, so when i saw the earlier review on here, it was easy to decide on Elisha :)

Reviewed on 10.07.11

Stylist: Elisha Edwards

Being new to Corvallis I did not know where to go for cut and color. I stopped several curlies in various shops, restaurants, or wherever to ask where they got their hair cut, and was amazed that they either cut their own hair or could not or would not recommend anyone. Meanwhile I read some favorable online reviews for Elisha on a local website, decided to trust my hair to her, and am very happy with the results. Not only is Elisha a genuine person with a lovely personality, she is very good with curly hair and very good with color. She spent quite a bit of time talking to me about my expectations before she started cutting, and she really, really listened. She cut no more length than we had agreed upon, shaped, styled, and tamed my wild hair, and my hair still looks great several weeks after the cut. Pink Cheeks itself is a very charming small salon in downtown Corvallis. The local website where I originally read reviews on Pink Cheeks had nothing but nice things to say about this salon (and Elisha), and I couldn’t agree more.

Reviewed on 01.29.09