Ouidad Salon

1230 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

User Reviews

Stylist: Kate

Kate was awesome. She took plenty of time with me, gave me beautiful curls, and even took a picture for me to send to my sister.

Reviewed on 02.15.11

Stylist: Kate

Love her! Very helpful and personable. I have African American 3c hair and she does an amazing hair cut!

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Kate

I LOVE Kate! She is extremely knowledgeable about tight curly / kinky hair, which is what I have. I have Type 3C hair. I was very nervous when she first cut it, as I have only been wearing my hair curly for a short time, and had NEVER had a curly hair cut. I had NO idea what to expect. Plus I have curly/kinky hair and I wasn't sure if Kate would know how to cut/style my type of curly hair. She was AMAZING!! Not only did I leave the salon feeling and looking fabulous, she has shown me how to take care of my hair myself. She is the only person I let cut my hair. She is WONDERFUL!!!

Reviewed on 12.31.10

Stylist: Kate

I was a curly mess when I left the salon. My hair was all over the place. I wasn't sure at first if I should book an appointment so I went into the salon to check it out first. It's a very cute and professional salon located in the middle of great shopping in Santa Monica. However, I am African American with 3b/c hair and I wasn't sure if their stylist could handle my hair. They assured me they could. Well, they couldn't. I'm so glad I didn't let stylist cut my hair. I had the deep treatment, hooded dryer, diffused, duck bill clips and the final results were a disaster. Now, other clients in the salon looked great but they didn't have 3b/c curls. Most interesting, stylist never asked if I liked my hair. When I paid the receptionist approximately $180 for the disaster, she couldn't even compliment the wreck on my head. I jumped in my car, found my trusty scrunch in the console, drove home before my hubby got home, showered and fixed the curl disaster. In all fairness, the products were fabulous. The deep treatment left my hair with more body than I ever ever had. It was the lack of knowledge of how to work with hair types such as mine. I actually used Ouidad products for awhile until I decided upon no cones or sulfates. Some parts of my hair was straight, some wavy, some curly, some frizzy and some parts just right. Luckily I have my own practice and was able to bypass going back to the office after this appointment. I can't recommend this salon to hair types like mine. In fact, I think the stylist knew I looked like a mess and should have acknowledged it and not charged me!

Reviewed on 08.29.10