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Stylist: Aimee Zimmerman

The stylist I have been waiting for. I went to Aimee about a month ago with lazy, curly hair that was frizzy and dull. I sat in her chair and she told me just what I had been saying needed to be different all along. She fixed that strange "shelf" look my hair was doing from all the strange "layered" haircuts I had recieved before. I have since been waiting for a bad hair day and I have had NONE!!! My hair is bouncy and adorable. In the past, whenever I would go to a stylist they would immediately criticize me for my hair being damaged before even touching it. Reality is, curly hair is not always damaged, it just feels different. Aimee was the first one to validate the fact that I take great care of my hair. She truly understands how curly hair should be treated. I am so happy that I found Aimee and I will continue to see her for all of my future cuts and colors.

Reviewed on 11.05.10

Stylist: Aimee

Go see Aimee now!! Don't wait, call now! I've lived in Portland for 3 years and have struggled with finding a great curly stylist. I even went the route of trimming my own hair for a while after too many bad cuts. I used the reviews on this site to narrow down 2 stylists....Aimee and another one from Dezi Salon. I went to see the Dezi Salon stylist first and he did an ok job. I didn't hate my cut but didn't love it. A few months later I tried Aimee. OMG!!! She is a master at cutting/styling curly hair. Not only did she give me one of the best cuts of my life (and I've been to a Ouidad salon) but she understood my hair, acknowledged and was familiar with the 'no poo' method. She also gave me a styling tip that saves me so much time and gives me curls that look like I individually finger-styled each one! She said her goal was to 'unleash my barrels of curls' and boy did she. I went from semi-frizzy, overweighted curls to bouncy, shiny, beatiful ringlets. I saw her almost a month ago now so I can honestly say that she cut it in such a way that I could style myself easily and almost every day someone stops me to compliment my curls. Do yourself a favor and go see her! I have 3B/3C curls and REALLY thick hair. (btw...she used to work at Dirty Little Secret so check out her reviews under that salon name)

Reviewed on 09.08.10

Stylist: Aimie

I had my hair cut by Aimie over a month ago and it's growing in beautifully. I've been on a quest for several years to find a stylist to cut my naturally wavy/curly hair and am so glad I found her. She's a gifted stylist and so talented in her field. I live in Chicago and will be flying to Portland to see Aimie twice a year for her signature haircuts. It is well worth the trip!

Reviewed on 11.26.09

Stylist: Aimee Zimmerman

Aimee ROCKS! I was referred to her when I moved to Portland 2 years ago. Finding a new stylist to work with my fine/thin hair is not easy and Aimee was amazing. She really talked to me about my hair "issues" and gave me a great cut. She understands curly hair and recommends great products. My hair looks healthy and the curls are awesome. I trust her judgment and her talent with both cut and color. My last visit she gave me a whole new look which I love! She's the best!

Reviewed on 08.30.09

Stylist: Amie Zimmerman

I saw Amie, formerly of Dirty Little Secret (you might want to check out those reviews, too), way back in Sept 07 when I was in Portland for my cousin's wedding. She completely changed my 3a/b curls for the better. She gave me a good, solid cut but most of all an honest talking-to about the health of my hair. Amie helped me face the truth - that my "hair felt like straw" - and I'm ashamed to say, it did! Although I was famliar with CG, I was not a convert, and Amie convinced me because she was so certain it would help. She answered my questions, made product recs and spent time to make sure I really understood CG (she also wanted me to keep an eye on mineral build-up due to our well water). 16 months later, my curls are so healthy and happy, thanks to her! I think of Amie's advice often and, based on my experience, would highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 02.04.09