D'Aversa Salon

6481 Pacific Coast Highway
Market Place
Long Beach, CA 90803

User Reviews

Stylist: Richie Roman

I have found the God of curly hair, and he is in Long Beach, CA. Go and see Richie Roman at D'Aversa. He is so schooled in curly hair, and the science behind it. I learned SO MUCH from him. He has very curly hair that he wares in beautiful locks. I also received the best cut of my life! His rates are reasonable, and it is a blast to sit in his chair. I cannot recommend him enough!!!! His website is www.RRatedHair.com

Reviewed on 04.04.07

Stylist: Richie Roman

I just found the best guy in the world!!! His name is Richie Roman and he is at D'aversa in the Marketplace plaza and he is awesome. I have very curly (corkscrew curls)hair and always end up regretting the visit to the salon. I remember i met this lady in the store with beautiful curls and she gave me his name. WOW! He knows more about curls than a dictionary. He has very curly hair himself and wears these really cute and long dread locs. He uses Devacurl products and swears by them. He taught me more in one visit than i have ever heard of in my 33 years. Starting with the way he cut my hair (dry) to the way he dried it with paper towels and added the products everything was a lesson. Most importantly my hair looks and smells like a million dollars and he says if i stick with the right products and routine that my hair will get softer and softer (which i need). I am very excited and am telling all of my girls about him. Good luck with your curls...

Reviewed on 01.04.07