Curl Up & Dye

4215 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201

User Reviews

Stylist: Adrienne

I'm uncertain how good Adrienne's actual stying techniques are, because her service was so poor that I never got a chance to sit in her chair. I made an appointment for 3:30 on a Tuesday. When I talked to the person on the phone regarding the services that I'd like, she sounded confused at the fact that I didn't want any heat on my hair. This concerned me but I continued. I asked the person "How do you cut natural African American hair? Do you cut it wet?" She replied, "How do you mean?". I explained to her that my hair has 'spring' and that if you cut it wet, once it dries it won't look the way you expect it to and it will be much shorter than you intended. She began to tell me that she was unaware of how to cut it dry since my services included a shampoo. This scared me a little, but I continued. I suggested that I come into the salon with my hair dry, have a consultation, let the stylist cut it as we agree, then receieve my no-poo. She said "ok". I left work early, at 3pm in order to make it to my 3:30 appointment. Due to traffic I was a little late and pulled up to the salon at 3:36pm. The only parking at the salon is on the street at parking meters, so I feed my meter $0.50 and it doesn't move. Its broken. So... I get back in the car to re-park at a meter two spots down. As I'm re-parking I get a call on my cell. It is 3:38pm. The person on the other end is from the salon. She says "You had a 3:30 appt with Adrienne." I say 'Yes. I'm actually out front trying to find a working meter. You can probably see my blue car from your window." She replies, "Well, because you're already 10 minutes late, you're going to have to reschedule." I was furious. In hindsight, I think I may have dodged a bullet. I honestly believe that the stylist was intimidated by my requests and wasn't sure she would know what to do with my hair so she used my tardiness as a cop out. I don't think this salon knows how to work with naturally kinky hair in a HEALTHY manner.

Reviewed on 09.12.12

Stylist: I can't remember

I would give them a negative rating if I could. I went there a couple yeas ago, so I am not sure if this applies to them now. I called before I went to ask if they did natural hair, which they assured me they did. When I got there she was telling me about styles that would require my hair be flat ironed. What in the world?!?! When I told her I didn't want that, she asked ME what I wanted her to do to my hair because she didn't have any ideas. After she basically consulted with everyone in the salon, the consensus was that no one knew what to do. Basically what ended up happening is that I told her I twisted my hair at home, so guess what she did . . . twisted my hair!! Shocker! Plus, it looked terrrrrrriiiiibbbble. I do a better job on my own. I was so upset that I had to pay for that monstrosity she called herself putting together. Anyway, if you don't mind getting your hair straightened, it might be the place for you. And if you dont mind looking like slave from back in the day (they didn't have products like we do today, for those of you who take offense), stop on by!!

Reviewed on 06.19.12

Stylist: Tera

I called the salon to ask if they do afro textured hair and they said yes. I wished that I did not get so excited after hearing that. When I arrived she colored my hair a light brown color, then used a shampoo which dried my hair out considerably. Afterwards she applied the conditioner to my hair for two seconds then rinsed it out, then tried to convince me that my hair is dry and I need to take better care of it. (I WANTED TO SAY THAT MY HAIR IS DRY IS BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO WASH AND CONDITION MY HAIR TYPE 3/4) The thing that really ticked me off was that she started flat ironing my hair after she colored it (Why would she assume I wanted my hair straight?!) she did not detangle or moisturize before. She then clipped the back of my hair while straight which now leaves me with a uneven fro while curly. This salon should not have a name like curl up and dye if the stylists that work there do not know how to style hair while curly. While my hair was being done I have seen girls with straight hair getting cuts that looked decent. I hate that my experience was a bad one and will not be going back. This salon is also near Wayne state where I go to school and convenience of area is not over shadowed by bad service.

Reviewed on 07.05.10