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Stylist: not worth remembering

neither richie or mark work there anymore.. they have their own salon called RRated hair studio or something.. i will be getting my hair cut from them the next time i get it cut.. i went to the loft and got a so-call devacut, when really it was just a normal trim that i could have done myself.. i paid the price of a devacut and it was just a waste of time. they are lucky i didnt tell them off because those lying snobs had it coming.. dont waste your time..

Stylist: Jennifer Kennedy

So I have read all about Ritchie at The Loft. Needing an appointment right away (Why do I always wait until the last minute?)I called for an appointment. Not wanting to wait I took a chance and had the receptionist book me with someone else who was available. She had recommended Jennifer for my curly hair. I have never been happier!!!! I cannot believe she had an opening! I guess she was trained under Ritchie. I have never had a dry cut before. My cut is perfect. (I can't believe I am actually saying that). I love her. She showed me exactly how to style my hair to replicate my look at home... And... It actually works! My hair still looks great. Everyone in the salon was very friendly. I can't wait to go back. I have already made my appointment! No more bad cuts for me and my curls. If you are near Long Beach this is the place. Even if you're not, Jennifer is worth the drive!!

Stylist: Ritchie Ramon

Three months ago, I was privileged to have this Curl Genius unleash the beauty and divinity that is now my hair. I am a 28 yr old Hawaiian Korean, Palestinian woman, with oodles of thin, kinky, corkscrew curls. I never truly appreciated my hair until he put his gifted hands and heart into it. Now, I feel incorporated; I own my hair and it reflects my joyous spirit. He educated me, step by step, what to use (very accessible mediums), where, how and when to use it, and why. I'm still amazed that my hair is as beautiful as it is, and it had this gorgeous capacity all along. I am seeing him again today, and am so excited to witness his magic and contagiously blissful energy. %(^_^)%

REVIEWED BY: nuj  |  9.4.09

Stylist: Richie

I have kinky-curly hair and I got my first dry haircut yesterday with Richie. He is a curl god. LOL. He is very fun and knowledgeable. Richie tailored my haircut to compliment the shape of my face, educated me on what products to use, and taught me how to take care of my curls on a daily basis. Overall, I had a great experience. Richie and the rest of the staff are great!

Stylist: Ritchie Roman

I had my 3C curls trimmed and shaped by Ritchie for the first time last week. He did a WONDERFUL job with listening to what I wanted and executing it effortlessly. He eliminated my triangle hair, giving me soft, rounded edges. He also stocks the entire Deva line of products! As a plus, everyone there is down-to-earth and super nice. Ritchie has a great personality and sense of humor, as well being a consumate professional at what he does. A client of his with 3A hair was leaving before me, and the receptionist told me he can work with curlier hair types than 3C. He is a curly himself, and has been Deva trained by Lorraine Massey. If any curlies in the Los Angeles area are looking for a great stylist, look no further than him!

Stylist: Ritchie Roman

I had my first haircut at the loft a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE IT! The salon was great, the people were super nice and made me laugh the entire time. I got my first dry hair cut, by Ritchie, and was very impressed. He explained what he was doing every step of the way and told me how to take care of my curls. I have never seen a stylist that knows so much about curls and how to handle them. He told me which Deva products to use, but didn't push them, just told me to come get them once I finish using my current products. He recommended coming back in 3 months and I am already scheduled. I CANNOT WAIT! Local curly girls must go to the Loft, ask for Ritchie if you want someone who handles curls RIGHT!

Stylist: Richie Roman

I just had an amazing haircut with Richie! He is the best! He greeted my with a huge smile and kept me entertained the entire time as he snipped and sculpted beautifully layered curls. The entire salon staff is just as friendly and talkative, and extremely patient. The salon is beautiful and spotless. I left the salon looking like a million bucks. I definitely will return to see Richie, he completely changed my hair, he really knows all about curly hair. I left the salon with bouncy, shiny hair, and continue to get compliments everywhere i go!

Stylist: Ritchie Roman

I just had my first appointment with Ritchie and for the first time in my life, I am happy with my curly hair. He has a great personality and I was really comfortable with him. He cut my hair dry which was a first for me - and then after he washed it he taught me how to use product and how to style my hair. He also recommended the Devacurl products which I happily purchased. However, on my first attempt at home, I was unable to re-create it :( He told me I shouldn't go to bed with wet hair and I did. So I woke up looking like I had a bad perm. Lesson learned, I will use a diffuser next time ;) Anyway, Ritchie is a curl god!

Stylist: Ritchie Roman

I had a first visit with Ritchie recently. I really liked the salon, the people and I really liked Ritchie. He's very friendly, and I enjoyed his personality a lot. He definitely knows curly hair. I love the cut! However, (and for me this is a big HOWEVER...) I walked out of there with the biggest hair I've ever had. I mean it was BIG and FRIZZY - The style was horrible. I was totally too embarrassed to say anything, but I grabbed a clip and pulled it up about five seconds after I left. So, even though I think he really knows curly hair, I won't be returning.

REVIEWED BY: JCTurp  |  8.11.08

Stylist: Ritchie Roman

The Loft on Broadway is a bright, friendly place in a very relaxed but professional atmosphere. I'd been trimming my own long curly hair for years since I've had it with pyramid and poodle cuts. Unfortunately, I've also been coloring it myself, and I'd developed four different colored regions, including white roots. I'd seen a couple of stylists, but all they did was plop more color on the roots. They didn't get it. Ritchie studied my hair and we had a thorough consultation before he did anything. He completely understood my hair and its needs, since he comes from a whole curly family (He's Puerto Rican from New York and, boy, can he TALK!). He reassured me every step of the way that he knew what to do, and explained what and why he was doing it. I got the best haircut I've had in decades, and the color is perfect--just what I wanted. After all that, I would have paid a couple hundred dollars, but it was much less, very reasonable. He recommended Deva Curl products, but didn't push them on me. He even told me about some natural hair treatments that his mother makes herself. My hair looks and feels so healthy now. I'll be back, Ritchie!

Stylist: Richie

Today was my first time at The Loft and let me just say that I loved it! Richie is beyond awesome with curly hair-he understands exactly what issues we go through as curlytops and has a solution that actually works. He dry cut my hair and it is perfect. Trust me, I have had more than my share of bad haircuts and I am not easy to please. I was slightly apprehensive at first, but I'm thrilled with the result. My hair has more bounce and lift and perfect curls than ever before. After trying the Deva Curl products, I threw every other thing I had at home away (a considerable amount), Deva Curl is the best. If you have curly hair, go see Richie, you'll be totally glad you did.

Stylist: Richie Roman

Hi I have been on here reading for a while and went to see Richie. Thing is he is no longer at D'aversa. He moved to the loft. It was worth the search. He is great with curls and I am going to try everything he told me to do and see if my hair responds. Daisy

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  6.5.07