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Stylist: Kim

The past two years of so I have sat and gazed at the amazing (and, for me, seemingly unattainable) haircuts that are everywhere on I always thought to myself, 'if only I could get my curls to look half as good as that'. I have very long, thick, curly (3a/b) hair. For the past 5 years or so I had a haircut just once a year, each year somewhere different (before that I would just get my mum to give it a trim every now and again). I never wore my hair out, nor even in a ponytail because of its frizz and unruliness (and the knots!). A couple of times a year I might straighten it and wear it out (on such rare occassions I would receive heaps of compliments on my 'amazing' hair), but in it's natural state my hair was confined to braids, plaits and buns. Until now. I went for a cut at Shep's in January this year (2009) and the result was amazing. I told the stylist I wanted to keep it long and if possible I wanted something that allowed me to wear it out in its natural state. She took complete control (I was kind of worried for a while!) and put a heap of layers in which did fantastic things for my curls - it took the weight off them, allowing them to bounce up, turning frizz into ringlets. She said to always let it air dry (which I've always done anyway, despite it taking hours to dry). This advice was a nice change from past hairdressers who, at the end, tended to run for the blow dryer. The other amazing thing was that I walked out of the salon, frizz-free and with almost no hair product in - all Kim did was rub some sort of pomade (I think?) on her hands and run it over the top of my hair. Although the weather doesn't allow me to wear it out all the time - I'm still searching for the right curl products - it has definitely given me the ability to unleash my curls :)

Reviewed on 02.24.09