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  • DevaCurl
  • 2960 Kingsway Dr.
  • Kitchener, ON
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User Reviews

Stylist: Rachel

This was my first Deva cut, and it turned out great. I told her I didn't want to reduce the length much, but wanted some layering to enhance the curl, and that's exactly what she did. My hair's been super easy to style since the cut 2 months ago, and I've gotten a ton of positive feedback. I also thought the price was fair for our area, especially considering this is the best cut I've ever had.

Reviewed on 06.30.15

Stylist: Rachel

Best curly cut I've EVER had! And for the first time in years, I didn't have to cut *my own* hair after my haircut (or at all for 3 months). Thanks Rachel!!

Reviewed on 05.13.14