Cut to the Chase

99 Chelmsford Rd
North Billerica, MA 01862

User Reviews

Stylist: Sabine Bouras

Her curly hair cuts and technique on styling curly hair is one of the best by far... Sabine mentioned that she's relocating to Shampoo Hair & Day Spa in chelmsford. I'm definitely following her... She has her own website with all her current info. @ or call 978.828.3634

Reviewed on 08.22.13

Stylist: Allison Chase Bartolini

Beautiful salon! Amazing stylists! Deva Trained Staff! I just had my second visit with Allison at Cut To The Chase Salon in Billerica, MA. I LOVE THIS PLACE! Highly recommend Allison-first time I've left a salon and haven't wanted to rewash/style my hair. As of today, there are three girls that can Deva Cut- Karen, Lisa, and Kerri. Elayna and Allison are also becoming certified in February. Everyone can Deva Style which is experience every curly girl needs to try. Can't say enough!

Reviewed on 01.16.13

Stylist: Sabine Bouras

Went there after finding an earlier review on this website. Sabine is very good, she knows how to layer curly hair very well and take the bulk out of it. My only hesitation is that she tends to use a lot of product on your hair. I mean my style lasted 4 days but i prefer not to use that much product in my hair. That is more of a preference though, my cut was great and it grew out very well. I usually get a weird shelf effect in the back sections of my hair and she took care of that.

Reviewed on 06.03.11

Stylist: Sabine Bouras

Stylist: Sabine Bouras [email protected] Review: I've heard of this Stylist a few times before in the past. Recently, my cousin went to her, and she's really picky,so I decided to check her out. This girl was by far the best curly hair Stylist I've ever gone to... I've been all over, paying crazy prices, and never getting exactly what I wanted. Sabine's angle during our consultation was to make sure I understood how curly hair should fall! She went above and beyond to educate me on my curls and how to care for and style my hair. Everyone at the Salon says she has "Curl Magic", and she really does. She showed me an amazing technique, that she's created, on how to prep my curls before styling. She has the best curly hair, and you can feel her love for hair the second you sit in her chair. Extremely professional and knowledgeable! She gave me her email: [email protected]

Reviewed on 02.25.09