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Stylist: Haleh

Haleh is amazing. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I found her. She saved my hair. I have curly hair that started becoming straighter and straighter after years of coloring. Last year I just got so fed up with the dryness, frizz, and lack of curl that I just stopped going to my hairdresser for 4 months and just let my hair grow out while I found someone better. The first time I went to Haleh I explained to her that I was no longer happy with my hair, it didn't curl anymore and it didn't look good. She took the time to listen to me vent and then explained that my hair was very damaged and over processed from all of the color. She told me she could get it back to my original hair color and healthy again, which is exactly what I wanted. It was going to take some time and patience, but it was all worth it. My hair has grown out now, although it is very short because I asked her to cut off the last few straight/damaged pieces of my hair. It looks fabulous now and it's back to normal. Haleh doesn't push products on you or any services you may not want. She wants your hair to be healthy. Most hairdressers would rather color your hair and have you come in for a touch up every 6 weeks, regardless of the health of your hair. (I even had one hairdresser tell me my natural hair color was ugly so that I would keep coloring it. That isn't to say she won't color your hair but she will make sure it remains healthy and will inform you about the possibility of damage.) She understands the needs of your hair and is very talented. She knows how to cut curly hair, long or short. I am amazed at how great my haircut looks because no other hairdresser has ever been able to make my hair look this good curly. (Most cut it as if it were straight and then it would just look OK when I'd curled it.) Finally, she cuts my boyfriends hair and does a fabulous job every time. I cannot recommend Haleh enough. She saved my hair. She is a MUST for anyone with curly hair.

Reviewed on 03.07.10

Stylist: Haleh

Haleh-lujah!! Haleh is fantastic! I went to her after reading about her on this website. I had been neglecting my hair because of several cross country moves and I was so tired of trying new stylists and always being disappointed. Time and time again I thought they knew curly hair, they said they knew, but afterwards, I realized they didn't quite understand it the way I needed them to. Haleh is wonderful! As the others said, she has curly hair so she understands, and most importantly she takes the time to actually talk and listen to you about your hair! That alone makes the trip worth it. But to top that off, my cut and color are fabulous. I am not kidding when I say I get compliments all the time!! I just went to her for my 3rd time and again my hair looks fabulous and the compliments are flowing! It is so fun :) I am so happy I tried Haleh, and highly recommend her to anyone in need of a great stylist.!

Reviewed on 07.11.06

Stylist: Haleh

I took the recommendations from some others of you and went to see Haleh and was really happy I did so. I have had some bad and expensive hair salon experiences here in LA and after a year of trying to find someone- I think that Haleh may be it. She spent a lot of time just talking to me about what I liked/didnt like and what I wanted and she seemed to really care and listen. I only had an appt for a cut and then color the next week but she knew I had a date and actually fit in both. My cut is great and my color is too. Neither is extreme which is what I was going for- natural and still wavy and easy to care for. I am so happy to have found her. Thanks to all the people who recommended her. I totally agree. Worth every reasonable cent that I paid her.

Reviewed on 04.27.06