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Stylist: pamela

So, my hair dresser of nine years died. I was afraid to go to another (you know how it is when you have curls). I went to snip and clip, for a year, because, though they're not proficient with curls, they do only what you tell them. They built a Salon Suites very near my house, and I was determined to find someone who could cut my white-girl curly hair. Pamela told me she could cut curls and I thought, "what-the-hell, she can't be any worse than Snip and Clip". Well . . . this is the BEST cut I've ever had (and I'm 44). I once went to a woman who was a "curl specialist", who charged me a hundred dollars, and the results were nowhere near this good. She can cut hair of any ethnicity, I think she has magic in her scissors. I haven't told her I'm recommending her here! She is really, really good, and very reasonable in price. I may be hurting myself, because she is very easy to get an appointment with, at this time, but I know how hard it is when you have curls, so I'm throwing her out there.

Reviewed on 03.12.09