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Stylist: Cailyne

She's still the best but has moved onto her own salon.

Reviewed on 08.27.13

Stylist: Cailyne

I have been going to Cailyne since I relocated to Vermont over two years ago. What a blessing! After living in NYC I dreaded trying to find a curly stylist in Burlington. Luckily, a curly friend recommended me to Cailyne and I have never left. I am always changing my hair, and every haircut has been AMAZING. She has also recommended the right products, and techniques that just make my hair gorgeous. I can't say enough great things about her talents - but she is also an awesome person making the whole experience great.

Reviewed on 03.30.12

Stylist: Cailyne

I recently started going to Chop Shop Hair Design, I found Cailyne here on Naturally curly. I went for my first visit and was amazed she really helped me to understand my curls and gave me one of the best cuts i have ever had. I really liked the fact that she helped me with trying to figure out a style that would suit my type of curl! Thank You Cailyne!

Reviewed on 03.29.12

Stylist: Cailyne

After reading a few reviews on this site, I made an appointment with Cailyne and I am so happy that I did. She taught me so much about how to manage and maintain my curls. It is obvious that curls are her specialty! It was the first time I have left a salon and loved my haircut.

Reviewed on 03.23.12

Stylist: Cailyne

First cut impression: Cailyne was super-friendly and supportive. My hair was going from nearly waist length and really weighed down to shoulder length. By the time I left, I had shoulder length bouncy curls that looked amazing. She was the first Deva certified stylist I'd ever seen and I even learned a new way to really bring out the bounce in my curl! I would recommend her highly!

Reviewed on 10.22.11

Stylist: Cailyne

I've only had 1 cut from Cailyne but I can honestly say that 1 hair cut was amazing. I really felt like she was trying to understand my own personal curls and giving me a tailored curly cut specific to my curl. She would play with my curls and see how they responded to the trims here and there really trying to analyze each curl. Plus if you visit the salon website you'll see...she's curly girl herself! Cailyne is a must for any curly who is needing someone to really understand what works best with your curls.

Reviewed on 06.09.10