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User Reviews

Stylist: Cathryn

Since Susan didn't come back after her last child I was a bit anxious to try someone new, but while she was gone on maternity leave she recommended trying Cathryn or Rita for my cuts. I am so glad I have had two back-up stylists now since she hasn't come back! They both did an initial consultation dry when they cut my hair the first time. They asked me about my needs, and understood that curly hair "shrinks" when it's cut. And if at first there was a small piece that needed to be fixed or an area that didn't turn out quite right (until they learned my crazy hair), then they adjusted it and/or we would try something slightly different the next haircut. It feels so good to know that if one stylist is full/sick/gone that I have another person lined up. No more getting butchered at a strange salon! I have seen the other girls perform varying degrees of wavy/curly cuts there too, but I have only had cuts with Rita & Cathryn as of now. Everyone is very friendly, and they don't get catty about you seeing other stylists as well.

Reviewed on 02.20.14

Stylist: Susan

on my second visit with Susan I was even more pleased with my cut and service than with the first. For some reason the second visit with most stylist is usually worse than the first for my curly locks, but not so this time. I hated to get a cut because I was going on a vacation and did not want to deal with a new cut, but I was so glad I did. My hair looked good which made me happy!

Reviewed on 03.06.13

Stylist: Susan

Thanks to a review of Susan on this site I went to her last week for a cut and found her really sweet and talented. Make no mistake- my hair is very curly and parts of it are curlier than others. I could tell that Susan liked her job and cared about her clients. Salon staff was very nice and made me feel comfortable. Plan to go back again.

Reviewed on 01.20.13

Stylist: Susan

I found Susan through this site, and we began going to her nearly a year ago. She is phenomenal. My 9yo son has crazy hair. He has fine textured Type 3a curls at the nape of his neck, fine textured Type 2 wavy hair on the front and sides, and thick, coarse, bristly, kinky hair at the crown. I can't tell you how many stylists and barbers have gotten partway around his head, only to become utterly lost and unable to find a way forward. Susan didn't even flinch. She took the time to understand his hair before she ever touched him with scissors, and when she finished, he looked like he'd been prepped for a magazine shoot. Every time, she does it. She's helped him grow it long (it looked magnificent), she's cut it short for him (again, looked great) - it doesn't matter what she does, she does it beautifully. In fact, she does it so well that I gave up mangling my own hair and started going to see her. (I'd grown tired over the years of paying people to mangle it for me.) I have copious amounts of fine hair - mostly Type 2, with some stick straight action right on top. Again, Susan to the rescue. I've never received compliments on my hair like I have since I started going to her. She helped me understand my hair, has taught me how to work with it, and I really enjoy my hair now. Susan is a true artist in her trade, and you won't regret seeing her.

Reviewed on 01.03.13

Stylist: Susan

Susan is great! Best haircut I've ever had. I'm from Atlanta and was considering driving back for a hair cut. I had tried several of the "best" salons in Huntsville and Madison and they were ok but not great. I found Susan's name on this website, thanks!

Reviewed on 12.19.11

Stylist: Shelby

Shelby was awesome!!! She totally knew what she was doing! She cut my straw, long, curls dry-with tiny razor sharp scissors! :) I now feel like a princess floating on air! I would Hugely recommend Shelby to my curly-headed friends here in Huntsville, AL. :) Thank you Shelby!! ((((HUGZ))))

Reviewed on 10.30.09

Stylist: Susan

I have been going to Susan for years to get my type 3a hair cut. She's great with curly hair of her own. So she understands about shrinking and how to make it lay the right way!

Reviewed on 03.17.09