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User Reviews

Stylist: Lynne Dasilva

I fell in love... After a difficult year of transitions, I wasn't taking care of myself or my hair the way I should. Meeting Lynne was such a blessing. Not only did she give me the ROYAL treatment... My hair was so healthy and beautiful I was lovin my hair again. Thanks Lynne, looking forward to my next visit. Shawnine Whitehead Artist & Owner LaVee Collection Jewelry

Reviewed on 09.03.13

Stylist: Lynne DaSilva

I have been using Lynne DaSilva as my hair stylist for about three years now. My hair has NEVER looked better. When I came to see Lynne the first time, I was a bit apprehensive, yet excited, to see the changes she could make to my "cocker spaniel" looking hair. She spent time with me determining what it was that I liked about my hair and what I didn't like about it. She informed me about the Deva product line, which is specially formulated for curly hair. I went from a frizzy cocker spaniel to having a healthy, lovely head of hair that I am proud to wear up or down (something I was unable to do for many years without Lynne's proper curly styling). Lynne is truly a professional and excellent in her profession! Now, when I sit in her chair and she asks about my hair, I am no longer apprehensive. I KNOW she'll style it perfectly for my particular curl.

Reviewed on 04.11.11

Stylist: Lynne DaSilva

Lynne has cut my hair many times and has always given me great haircuts. My hair is thick, curly, and frizzes easily, but with her cuts and the Deva products she's introduced me to, my hair is now in much better shape! Lynne puts much time and effort into her career, keeping up on what's new and what's healthy for hair, and I know she loves her work! A devoted fan!!

Reviewed on 03.10.11

Stylist: Lynn

Lynn is amazing. She completely transformed my hair from frizzy and dry, to a tamed head of hair. I first met her when I walked into Accapella to get my hair styled for my fifth grade promotion, and the lady at the front desk told me Lynn was their best curly hair specialist. Lynn styled my hair in a way that no other person had styled it before. It was new and fresh, and I could tell that she was making it up as she went along, which I loved. And now I see her every 3months for a trim and a deep condition.

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Lynne DaSilva

My 8 year old, 3b daughter has had her hair cut by Lynne about 4 times now, which is a lot considering with the Devacut you do not need to come in every 6-8 weeks. After horrible experiences with "regular" hair stylists that just did not specialize in curly hair, Lynne is a breath of fresh air! My daughter does not cry when she gets her hair done anymore! Lynne takes the time to get to know her and to make her feel good about her curly hair. Yes, her haircuts cost more than mine but it is so worth it! My daughter's hair is healthy and long now! It is without hesitation that I tell you that Lynne is a great curly hair stylist and you will not be disappointed if you make an appointment with her! Your hair will thank you! ;)

Reviewed on 03.31.10

Stylist: Lynne Dasilva

Lynne is the only stylist I have ever found who can correctly cut and style my 3c hair. She is also professional and thorough. I found her through the Deva website, and have had two cuts, both of which were fantastic. I also started using the Deva product line, and between the Deva cut (which is a dry cut)and the products, I finally got the curl definition I'd been searching for. The Deva cut/set is expensive, however I went from getting my hair trimmed every six weeks with my old stylist (the frequency of which turned out to be unnecessary) to having Lynn cut/style my hair every four months, so my annual expense is actually less. She's fantastic, and my hair and I have never been happier!

Reviewed on 03.05.10

Stylist: Lynne Dasilva

I have been to Lynne three times so far, and have been increasingly pleased with the cuts. She takes into account your lifestyle, face shape, and hair texture and works with you to give you a cut that is not only beautiful but functional. She does both Deva and regular cuts (Deva being more expensive). As a customer, I am fairly inept at styling hair but she gives me simple, easy cuts that look great outside of the salon. Recently I dared to go with a pixie cut, and it turned out great! I've had nothing but compliments.

Reviewed on 01.29.10

Stylist: Lynne Dasilva

I first saw Lynne in April after I found the salon on the Deva website. She spent time with me first discussing my current routine and what I wanted from my hair. She used the Deva products and explained how to use them. I love the cut and love my hair. I went from blowing my hair dry/straight every day to letting it dry naturally and curly. I went back for a second cut in August, and it was still a great cut. She continues to attend the Deva workshops learning all the latest and although she has her hair straight now, she does have curly hair and understands it. Call for pricing so you're not surprised.

Reviewed on 08.29.09