Revive Hair Salon

2515 E Main Rd
Portsmouth, RI 02871

User Reviews

Stylist: Sharon

Sharon is the best! I just started curly girl method on 1/5/11. Sharon cut my hair (perfectly! the first time ever!!) but even better than the cut, was that she explained how to care for my hair. She expalined how and why the entire time. She suggested products that would work best for me. Sharon is fantastic! For the first time in my life, I can't wait for my next hair cut!

Reviewed on 01.17.11

Stylist: Sharon

I cannot say enough about how great Sharon is. Seriously, a haircut by someone who understands curls might even qualify as a life changing experience. Sharon knows curls. I usually prepare for a bad hair day when I head out for a cut. When Sharon cut it, though, my hair looked amazing all day and even the next morning. She took the time to cut each curl individually (dry). Then she taught me how to make it look just as amazing as she did. What a difference! Five stars to Sharon at Revive. She's phenomenal!

Reviewed on 04.05.10

Stylist: Sharon

I was told about Revive by a friend of a friend. I decided to go there to get my hair done for my wedding. I talked to Sharon who was billed as an expert in curly hair. I knew she was the real thing when she did the consultation. She listened to my concerns, gave me some tips, she herself has curly hair and understood what I was looking for. She did my hair for my wedding and the style was beautiful, i got to let my curls out and they lasted all night, no puffiness. I later went to her for a cut and she fixed the bad haircut I had gotten before, she tells you the types of techniques she is going to use and why they work. She also takes the time to explain why a certain cut would fit your face and hair type, which is great for me since I usually don't have a preference in hair cuts and just like to give the stylist free reign to be creative. I would recommend her to any person with curly hair.

Reviewed on 03.25.09