The Beehive

4385 Main Street
Vancouver, V5V 3R1

User Reviews

Stylist: Sarah Jane

I would not recommend this salon for anyone with curly hair. I have very curly hair and went to Beehive on the recommendation of this website. I brought pictures of myself with the exact haircut I wanted. We discussed what I wanted and she made some recommendations. The hair stylist does not know how to cut curly hair. She is a very nice person but I would never return to this salon. I went in with full body luscious curls and came out with no full body, no luscious curls. Just flat hair with limp lifeless curls and a really bad haircut. I don't understand this technique of "thinning" that stylists seem to use on curly hair. It takes away the fullness of the curls. I do understand that some people with curly hair could benefit from using this technique sparingly and people with coarse curly hair would benefit from this technique. But on non-coarse curly hair, when thinning is used excessively as Sarah Jane did with my hair, it takes away the curls rather than enhance curls. She also messed up with how she layered my hair. There's no flow to the layering and the shorter layers seem to just end abruptly. Unfortunately, this was the worst cut I have had.

Reviewed on 01.02.11

Stylist: Sarah Jane

I went to this salon because I liked their wallpaper/hipster vibe, but found that my stylist was awesome at cutting and styling curly hair (although she talked too much, but maybe I'm just antisocial). She is the first hairdresser I have had that not only was 'ok' with leaving it curly, rather than trying to straighten it, but actually showed me tricks of how to get more regular curls and encouraged me to keep wearing it naturally wavy after years of straightening. I have since read a write-up recommending the salon owner, Sarah, to curly-haired people in the Georgia Straight, so it must be a salon-wide commitment to providing good service to curly-haired folks. It's reasonably priced too - $50 for a cut - and everyone was very friendly and professional. Definitely a good atmosphere at this place - no snobby attitude like some other establishments in Vancouver.

Reviewed on 03.25.09