5044 St. Laurent
montreal, QC

User Reviews

Stylist: lynn

The worst haircut that I have had in my life. I can't even begin to describe what she did. I should have known that it was going to be bad when she scolded me for trying to explain that certain techniques just don't work on my hair. Multiple lengths, none of which blend in with one another, and completely uneven. While naturally the hair on the top of my head is curly and frizzy, the rest is wavy. I don't know what "technique" she used, but the top is even more frizzy now, thinned out with bald spots and pointy" arrows". It can't be worn straight because none of it makes any sense. Because of the differences in length, the only way I can have it fixed is to cut it all super short, so I'm wearing a headband, not going out except when necessary and shedding some tears. Ironically, this salon prides itself on doing cuts that can be styled easily at home. Well, this cut can't be styled anywhere!

Reviewed on 03.27.09