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Stylist: Lena

Rating: Salon Rating: 3 Scissors

I tried Lean based on the review above. She was OK. Not an expert, but she she does have some knowledge about cutting curls. I'm still searching for a really great stylist here in Calgary, but I'd go to her again in a pinch.

REVIEWED BY: MJM  |  1.11.11

Stylist: Lena

Lena has curly hair herself, although she keeps it straight. She says never to razor or thin curly hair. She doesn't cut it dry and gives a fast cut. But it's the best cut I've had!!! She's seems to be the salon expert, the other stylists were asking her for advice and help. She will sit you down in the hair dryer to let it dry more naturally. When I leave I don't feel embarassed, as I have so many other times before... I feel great!

REVIEWED BY: sealy  |  3.28.09