The SHOP Salon

8231 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20910

User Reviews

Stylist: Ian

Ian is great! He actually looked at my hair while it was dry, so that he could see how my curls lay before he cut them. I've never been so comfortable getting my hair cut. And I not only left the salon happy with how I looked, but the next day, had no problem styling it. He was also great about recommending a product, without putting any pressure on me. Strongly recommend.

Reviewed on 05.17.09

Stylist: Ian Palmiero

Ian Palmiero used to work at Kibana Salon in downtown Silver Spring. He just recently moved to The SHOP salon in Bethesda and THANK GOD I found him. I'd be lost without his curl guidance. I can actually wear my hair down when he's through with it, instead of pulling it back all the time! Definately worth following him!

Reviewed on 04.02.09