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Stylist: Sean Illian

I dread getting my haircut. I have waited so long to get haircuts, sometimes up to a year! I always end up unhappy with how my hair looks, it is too short or to triangular. I just moved to Coralville and I was recommended to Sean @ salon shagz, and I am so glad I made an appointment! I went in to the salon and he listened to my needs and what I wanted, and He gave me a fabulous haircut! Never have I been so thrilled with my hair. GO SEE SEAN!

Reviewed on 11.04.09

Stylist: Sean Illian

I hate getting my hair cut. I have dreaded it for years and avoided it for over a year, knowing my hair needed shaping. I am not from Iowa but was recently there visiting a friend. I met my friend's stylist, Sean. We were just hanging out and the subject of my hair came up. He offered to cut it on his day off since I was leaving town soon. I was so impressed. It's possibly the best cut I've ever had. He totally understands curly hair. He cut it dry, which no one has ever done with my hair. He used sulfate free products and clearly had done his research on curly hair, introducing me to the Curly Girl book. He took the time to ask what I like and wanted for my hair and did it exactly. He also sent me home with a list of products he would recommend for my hair. I would recommend him to anyone, especially if you have curly hair!

Reviewed on 04.10.09