Hairy's Hair Bar

2385 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

User Reviews

Stylist: Kristi

There's no one that has more of a hair salon phobia than me. And for the most part, I know to expect the worst if I walk into a new salon for the first time and I can see fear on the faces of the stylists when they see me coming towards them. NOT THE CASE WITH KRISTI!!! She made me feel so comfortable the minute I walked in and made me feel like I was in safe hands. I have extremely coarse, dry, kinky and unruly curls and she took control of them like the pro that she is. She asked me a lot of questions to find out what I was comfortable with and then walked me through everything she was going to do - before she cut my hair and during. I explained that I didn't like getting my hair dried b/c it just dries it out more, so she styled it with products that weren't heavy, oily or looked like glue then let it air dry. Exactly what I wanted. If you go to Hairy's, be prepared for a very edgy looking salon. You'll see some blue mohawks and flaming fire engine red hair (Kristi's). Some people may or may not be comfortable with that. But I was, they very much want you to feel good about who you are no matter how different and I loved that about them. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Kristi. You will not be sorry. Especially those of you who panic at the thought of going into a new salon – the way I used to be. :)

Reviewed on 09.30.10

Stylist: Katie

I unfortunately took the advice of the other reviewer and went to see Katie. My experience with her was probably the worst I have ever had in a salon. Not only did I wait for 1/2 an hour passed my original appointment time, she had absolutely NO idea what she was doing with my hair. The cut itself was fine enough, but afterward she was putting the worst products in my long, curly hair (pomade??? along with like 5 other things that felt like glue) when it was already partially dry. It turned out huge and frizzier than I've seen in in a long time. Her nervous excuse was that because it had dried during cutting and combing it would be frizzy (um, wet it again, use curl creams, twist it, use a diffuser = the basics) Isn't the whole point of going to get your hair cut to come out with professionally styled hair? Katie desperately needs to brush up on her curly hair skills, because they are currently non-existent. She was a nice enough woman, even though she made the usual awkward comment about how much hair I have because she had no idea what to do with it, but she might be more appropriate for someone who is looking for a very short, young, edgy haircut, which is what she has.

Reviewed on 01.23.10

Stylist: Katie

Katie has done wonders to make my naturally curly/wavy hair work for me, not against me. I am 30 years old and have never been so happy with my hair in all my life. When I wanted to keep the length she did a great job and when I wanted to go short she made it look awesome. When I moved to Milwaukee I searched for reviews to find a place to get my hair cut and ended up at Brio's. When I told the stylist there that I wanted to try going short he said "You only think you want short hair because you don't like your hair now." He then proceeded to ignore everything I said, cut my hair the way he thought it should be and made my hair into a giant fluff ball of curls. (not what i was going for) In contrast, Katie listened to everything I did and did not want and then helped me to find a couple pictures that were similar to what I wanted and cut my hair right into submission. She really took the time to listen and get it right. I have read again and again that you shouldn't get a short hair cut if you have a round face and curly hair. But when I really wanted to try something short, she helped me find a style that i absolutely love. I can't recommend her enough.

Reviewed on 04.10.09