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User Reviews (5)

Stylist: Lisa

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

All I have to say is OMG!!!!!! I love my hair! Lisa is awesome. I had my appointment yesterday and the experience was fabulous. Finally after 4 other stylist I found someone who knows and truly understands curly hair. I love her bubbly personality, realness and her confidence level. It took me a while to get my appointment but let me tell you it was sooooo worth it. Lisa knows her stuff. She educated me about my hair, gave me tips on how to properly use DevaCurl products and cut my hair and shaped it so beautifully! For the last 9 months I have not been truly happy with my curls as I hated the way they looked. After one visit with Lisa my curls look fabulous. If you want someone who knows what they are doing Lisa Colhoun is your curly hair stylist. Most of all she is not afraid of any curly girl no matter what their ethnic background!! I look forward to my next visit and I am loving the compliments I am getting on my curly hair!

Stylist: Lisa Colhoun

Lisa is a wizard with scissors! She knows her way around curly hair. When I first came to her a year ago my hair was a mess after years and years of straightening. She was committed to helping me rehab and restore my curls. Since I wasn't ready to just BC, she was patient and held a vision of where my curls could go. She does practice the Deva way, and makes no apologies for it. A year later, my curls have been completely transformed. Lisa is an amazing, knowledgeable stylist. She's in high demand, so there is a long wait to get an appointment but she is SO worth it! I wouldn't let anyone else anywhere near my curls.

Stylist: Lisa Calhoun

Rude Customer Service. I called Lisa to try and get an appointment and learn about the services she offered. She was so rude on the phone. And she refused to give me any information. She asked me if I was on the DevaCare product line and when I replied No but I wanted to try the products she rudely said "well I don't do anyone’s hair who isn't on Deva, so when you make up your mind call me back and by the way it is a six month wait” and she hung up the phone. After that experience I was like I will not be calling back I am sure she is even more of a piece of work in person. I can care less how good she is; I deserved to be treated with respect especially if I am paying you for your services!

Stylist: Lisa

Lisa was great the first time I went to her. The cut was wonderful and the color was nice. I tried to get another appointment, but when I told her that I had colored my hair (I had used a brown glaze and I think the sun did something to it) and she freaked out. She told me she would never color my hair again. I also mentioned that my hair wasn't as long as last time since I had trimmed it myself (it had been 6 months) and she charges $85 for a trim. She blew up at my over the phone. She told me she was so angry with me for doing my own color (to fix a problem and I was in Maine at the time) and trimmed my hair that she had to "think" about whether she would work on my hair ever again. I hung up the phone and was blown away. Not only would I never let her near my hair again after how she talked to me, but I live in the same town which, by the way, has only one supermarket. Needless to say she never called back nor would I go back. I ended up cutting my own hair following the Curly girl book and everyone has told me how great it is. The color I used is starting to fade and I'm going to try Robert Craig in about a week. Just saved myself about $250.00. I guess if you want your stylist to run your life you could go to Lisa.

REVIEWED BY: kchand  |  10.1.09

Stylist: Lisa Calhoun

Finally, I was able locate a Deva stylist in the Tri City Area of Northern CA. Once I located her it took me about a month to get an appointment. Lisa is great. She is bubbly and detailed, has a curly hair of head herself and she did every step of the curlygirl method. The Salon is small, which is nice. You are not dealing with all the other disturbances that typically go on in larger salons so you really get to know each other. She carries the entire Deva product line AND uses it on your hair while explaining each step. She also recommends you have your hair trimmed only 4 months. She is also very generous and threw in a product for me. My next appointment is set and I can't wait to go back!

REVIEWED BY: 3mccann  |  4.24.09