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Stylist: Kent And Carissa Larson

I've lived in Denver for 6 years and have gone to 3 different stylists before I found Carissa & Kent...they are AMAZING!  I have long, curly hair and have always been very picky about who cuts my hair since I've had some people that just don't understand "curly" hair.  That is not the case with Carissa & Kent.  I highly recommend them!  I've been so pleased with my cut and color every single time I've gone to them...they listen to what I want and consistently deliver great results...I'll never go to another stylist while I'm living in Denver...I'm so happy I've finally found someone I can trust to cut and color my hair!

Reviewed on 08.02.14

Stylist: Kent and Carissa Larson

Kent and Carissa are THE BEST in every way!!! They gave me the best cut and color I have EVER had (I'm 42, and have lived all over the country...including San Francisco)!! Their knowledge will blow your mind...and they genuinely care about their clients!! They give the ultimate gift...the gift of feeling beautiful!!!!!

Reviewed on 02.12.12

Stylist: Nicole

Breathtaking!! Nicole is a phenomenon! She is a hair genius. There's no other way to describe her! I've had my hair cut, colored and styled by him and I refuse to go to anyone else. She takes care of her clients, and more importantly, she actually cares about her clients. Once you try Nicole, you will understand what hair artistry is really about! Breathtaking!! Nicole is a phenomenon! She is a hair genius. There's no other way to describe her! I've had my hair cut, colored and styled by him and I refuse to go to anyone else. She takes care of her clients, and more importantly, she actually cares about her clients. Once you try Nicole, you will understand what hair artistry is really about!

Reviewed on 01.15.12

Stylist: Carissa & Kent Larson

I've been going to Kent and Carissa for a number of years and decided it's not fair to not share my secret. Kent is a great stylist who listens and understands that every curly girl is different. My curls have been manageable and beautiful since he's been cutting my hair. For something different, I've also had him do a couple of keratin treatments and I've been very pleased with the results. I went with the medium formula which still allows me to wear my hair curly when I want to, but makes wearing it straight so much easier. As for Carissa....she's an artist with hair color. We've been tweaking my color a little here and there until we've come up with the most beautiful, unique shade of red, that I know I won't see on anyone else. She listens and gives me ideas and seems to have fun coming up with the crazy formulas. Go see Kent and Carissa. You won't be sorry. You can call Salon Denver, or call them direct to make an appointment at 720-530-4247.

Reviewed on 06.25.11

Stylist: Carissa & Kent Larson

I am about to do a 3rd Keratin treatment. I have moved from the one that keeps me curly to now the straightest one. I am doing it because I am back to growing my hair out and we changed my color a lot last week. I am pretty excited because I am going blonder using the ombre technique. We did a little last time and next time I will be quite a bit lighter. I LOVE it! Carissa "painted" my highlights in and did a glaze(?). I have never seen my color look this natural. The style I am going for is the looser curl with longer layers that frame my face. Pretty stoked!

Reviewed on 05.29.11

Stylist: Carissa & Kent Larson

Carissa and Kent are the most amazing hair styling team in Denver, in my opinion. With Kent's cuts, my curls have never looked so good! I dedided to have a Global Keratin treatment at the end of last year and loved it- there were absolutely no fumes and my hair looked great straight for months, with absolutely no frizz. I went from a 45 minute blowout to 15 minutes :) The other cool part is that now, when I do wear it curly, the frizz is completely gone. I am definitely dong it again! Carissa is a visionary when it comes to color. She always seems to be right on with the shade I am looking for and I have never had anything but great results :). I HIGHLY recommend them both!!

Reviewed on 02.16.11

Stylist: Kent and Carissa

Okay.... So, I've had the keratin straightener for a few weeks now and It's holding up great. I'm using pureology and it seems to be fine for it. I really haven't worn my hair straight very much lately because my curls have been behaving. I would recommend this for curly girls that want less frizz and more manageable curls. It really works.

Reviewed on 08.17.10

Stylist: Kent and Carissa

I was a guinea pig for Kent the other day. He has tried out different techniques on me before. Some good some okay...... He did a keratin straightener/smoother on me. It's a temporary one unlike the old school relaxers. It came out really nice. I'm still very curly but my frizz seems to be gone. I haven't tried blowing it straight yet because my cut is for curls right now. But, my hair feels super soft and it made my highlights shinier. I will post again when I try wearing it straight. Based on the way my hair feels right now, I'm pretty pleased.

Reviewed on 07.26.10

Stylist: Eliza

I had such a great time having my hair done by Eliza. The cut is great and I love the low lights she gave me! I came in with my mop of 2nd day hair and she had quite a gentle touch! I've tried many different stylists in the Denver area and she is by far the best I have found!

Reviewed on 03.29.10

Stylist: Eliza Stallings

Not only is Eliza Stallings a treat to work with, but she's very talented in her trade as well. Eliza got me in last minute so I could look fabulous for a gallery opening featuring my work downtown. We went darker and added some red, which in the past has been a difficult color for stylists to do well on me. Not only was my color perfect, but I left feeling beautiful because I hung out with such a wonderful person. I will not hesitate to go back to Eliza time and time again. She's a sincere delight.

Reviewed on 01.11.10

Stylist: Kent and Carissa

I just got back from another great hair coloring appointment with Carissa and I can't rave enough about her and Kent. I found them a couple years ago after a few very bad hair years going from salon to salon. Kent has always done a terrific job with my cuts, everything from cute and short to long and wavy. Carissa is a terrific colorist, and has really found a way to give me very natural looking color that is also fun. They have both given me some great tips about different hair products and about styling techniques. I noticed a review that said Kent was inconsistent and Carissa pushed people to write reviews. I can't see how this could be true-Kent has given me some of the best haircuts I've ever had and Carissa is totally laid back and easy to work with. I agree with a reviewer below,not only are these two great at what they do, they're both fantastic people. Definitely the place to go if you're a curly girl!

Reviewed on 01.06.10

Stylist: Kent and Carissa

I have been seeing these two on and off for several years. I say on and off because I travel a lot and have a hard time staying consistent. Kent and Carissa have saved me a few times from bad haircuts and messed up color. They never seem mad when I come home from a trip with a hacked up cut I got from someone else I found on this site in another state I may have been in. Over the last few years Kent has helped me with styles from a fun pixie messy style to the long layers I have now. He has never steered me wrong with products or styling advice. Yes, he has taught me a few things about my own hair. I would recommend both of these guys any time for any curly hair people and have many times already (I get stopped on the street all the time). I wanted to comment on a post I saw about Carissa that through me back for a second. They implied that she was pushy and dishonest when it comes to leaving feedback on this website. I remember a few years back, she suggested that I leave feedback for them here because I found them here. I never felt pressured. She said that if I use this site to find stylists around the country, I should return the favor and leave feedback. I have a feeling that the other person may have misinterpreted her intentions. That's all.... PS. Their phone number is different than salon Denver: 720-530-4247

Reviewed on 12.01.09

Stylist: Kent/Carissa

I had my hair cut multiple times by Kent and found him to be inconsistent. I wasn't happy with the way my hair looked, but tried to work with him because I liked his wife Carissa's color work. It would have been awkward to keep going to Carissa for color, but not use Kent for cuts. After awhile I gave up, and my search continues for the perfect stylist for me! I would caution readers in putting too much stock in the reviews of Kent/Carissa. They rely on this website for business generation, and Carissa in particular pushed on me pretty hard to put a positive review on of Kent. Seems inauthentic if you have to prompt customers.

Reviewed on 10.26.09

Stylist: Eliza

Amazing! I spent my first 4 years in Colorado going from one stylist to another until I found Eliza. She's has pretty wavy hair herself and knows how to cut and style curly hair so that you don't end up with the umbrella effect (which has been my biggest complaint with other stylists). She is also great at color and highlights, and ever so worth my drive in from Castle Rock.

Reviewed on 08.18.09

Stylist: Eliza

Eliza is a curly-haired hairstylist who understands the complexity of cutting my curly hair. Plus she's nice to talk to and her price is reasonable. I highly recommend Eliza for a great haircut!

Reviewed on 08.02.09

Stylist: Carissa and Kent

I was looking for a stylist who specialized in long curly hair. It took me years to grow my hair long and I was VERY concerned about getting it cut and colored. I read all the great comments left for Kent & Carissa (originally posted under Metafolics Salon) and decided to schedule an appointment. I was very impressed, they really took time listening to me and discussed in detail options for my hair. Carissa uses a color formulation that keeps my hair very soft and silky. Kent has a great cutting technique that really keeps my curls well defined. I now receive so many compliments on my hair!! That was over a year ago and I have been thrilled ever since.. I look forward to my appointments not only because they are both great stylists but they are genuinely nice people.

Reviewed on 05.14.09

Stylist: Kent and Carissa

Kent and Carissa do an amazing job, especially for curly girls! Kent really understands how to cut curly hair and which products to use. Carissa does a great job at color and color recommendations. I have been seeing both of them for over 2 years and followed them to Salon Denver. I highly recommend Kent and Carissa at Salon Denver!

Reviewed on 04.27.09

Stylist: Kent and Carissa Larson

Finally someone who can style and cut curly hair! My hair is so much more manageable now and I can appreicate my curls more...and they are just about the cutest husband and wife team...Carissa does color and Kent does the cutting. Salon Denver is a nice experience all around.

Reviewed on 04.27.09

Stylist: Kent Larson

I found several recommendations for Kent back when he was with another Denver salon, Metafolics. I've been going to Kent for almost 2 years now and have never been happier! Kent has an incredible breadth of knowledge about curly hair. Having searched for a true curly hair expert for most of my adult life, I'm convinced I've found it! Not only is Kent a great stylist, but he and his wife Carissa are great people to chat with for an hour and a half. :) Carissa is also a gifted colorist, and is always up on the latest techniques. Stop searching now. If you're in the Denver Metro Area, call Salon Denver and ask for Kent.

Reviewed on 04.25.09

Stylist: Carissa & Kent Larson

I have been a client of Carissa and Kent for over 2 years now. It was nice to finally, after 10 years, to find someone who knows how to cut curly hair correctly (Kent). Carissa colors, highlights and offers semi-permanent for the hair. Her work is wonderful and does not damage the hair. It actually leaves my hair softer than other colors I have had in the past. I highly recommend Carissa and Kent. Kent cuts my hair so its not frizzy or the usual bowl cut. They both do a great job treating hair from wavy to frizzy. They make a great team working together. Just an FYI, they use to work at the salon Metafolics, which is no longer open. It is definitely worth calling and making a consultation appointment with them. After meeting with them I'm sure you will be making an appointment for a cut and/or color. I drive an hour and a half to see them, so if you live in the Denver area, I highly recommend you give them a try.

Reviewed on 04.24.09