Chez Ritz-Aveda

333 West 7th Ave
Ste 200
Anchorage, AK 99501

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Stylist: Brianne

Bre was great - but she's no longer there. Now I go to Laura Ellis at Plush Organics (see my review!)

Reviewed on 10.04.11

Stylist: Brianne

Finally! A curly stylist who knows how to cut/style curly hair. Bre is a new stylist, but has the natural talent to measure up with master stylists with years of experience. It also helps that she's a naturally curly girl herself, so she (like all of us) has experienced the horror of having people destroy her hair that didn't understand how to work with curls in the past. She gave me a dry cut (similar to Deva Curl technique), that really held well, she was very careful to make sure it would work well with my lifestyle and advised me that it wouldn't look good if straightened. I don't straighten much, so the cut was perfect for my 3b curly mop. She also got my coloring just perfect!I got tons of compliments! Location is perfect...directly behind Nordstroms. I've always liked this Aveda salon, but am thrilled with finding a stylist who can control these curls! I would highly recommend Bre for curly cuts and treatments.

Reviewed on 05.01.09