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Stylist: Raquel Torres

After reading the reviews here I went to Raquel for my type 2 hair. She cuts hair wet. I would have been okay with that if I liked the cuts, but they were just alright. She didn't communicate very well with me about my hair either. Maybe she does better with type 3 or 4 hair. She definitely has curly hair herself. I have been going to Tiffany at Mia & Maxx for my past couple cuts and have been much happier there instead.

Reviewed on 03.15.11

Stylist: Raquel Torres

I found Raquel on this website and decided to give it a shot. I used to have long curly hair (im a 3a type) and wanted to go short. I booked the appointment and it was a COMPLETE SUCCESS!. she is the sweetest girl, she made me feel very comfortable and was funky and happy the whole time. She did an awesome job with my hair..i haven't had a SINGLE PERSON that didn't like this look on me. I would trust her with anything hair related. Everyone in Gainesville..and surroundings should come see her.

Reviewed on 03.01.11

Stylist: Raquel

I had my first visit to Salon Vogue w/ Raquel 2 days ago and my curls are STILL in place without re-wetting/ re-styling, etc... With curly hair herself, Raquel understands it's unique behavior and cuts with all of that information in mind. My hair has never had such great shape & volume! No triangle or square head here! Don't hesitate to make that appointment.

Reviewed on 08.12.10

Stylist: Raquel Torres

I have just moved to Gainesville and got Raquel's name from this website. Needless to say I was very skeptic at first about letting someone cut my curls. Yeap, as a curly girl, I have also had my share of horrible, terrible, no good, very bad haircuts in the past. But after reading the reviews I decided to give her a try. She immediately gave me an appointment for a consultation, and after seeing her glorious curls and listening to her expertise I decided to give her a try. I am not a hair dresser, but as most of us, I can tell a professional from an amateur as soon as the sheers touch my hair. Raquel is definitely a professional, and she most definitely knows about curly hair!! I was so pleased, I also entrusted her with my hair color. She talked to me, made recommendations, and patiently answered my anxious questions. My hair has never looked so good!!! The cut is perfect for my 3a type curls, and the color enhances my natural skin coloring. I am so happy I found Raquel!!!

Reviewed on 01.29.10

Stylist: Raquel

Based on reviews from this site, I visited Raquel today and had my wavy, chin length hair cut by her. She did a wonderful job! The more I see it, the more I love it. I told her I was trying to grow it out and did she think that would be good with my hair. She totally worked with me. She gave me a style that will work great as it grows out and really, right now, I love it just as it is! The products she used feel really nice in my hair. I look forward to continue as a client of hers!

Reviewed on 12.02.09

Stylist: Raquel

I met Raquel for a consultation before I booked the appt. When I saw she had curly hair herself, it made me feel alot better, like she would understand my curls. On 9/23/09 I had my 1st appt with her. Awesome!!! If you have curly hair, live in Gainesville, FL and want a perfect cut, see Raquel. She truly understands the curls. I brought some pictures with me (to give her an idea of what I wanted) and we talked about what I wanted. I was a little afraid at first, but she is patient, reassuring and puts you at ease. Before long I was so relaxed and willing to let her do what she wanted to my hair. She is a professional at cutting the curls. She puts alot of attention into getting the curls just right. All I do now is wet my hair, put the products in and after it drys I mess it up a bit with my fingers and voila, the curls lay perfectly! I love it! I will definitely be going back to her. I am VERY happy that I found someone who can cut my curly 3B hair. She is awesome! Her prices are very reasonable. In all the whole experience was very pleasant and I got a super fabulous cut.

Reviewed on 09.24.09

Stylist: Raquel

I met with Raquel for a haircut and a style. I was impressed with the attention to detail and the time she took to address the specific needs of my hair. I have 3c thick hair and am usually wary of hairdressers, however Raquel set me at ease right away. She is even interested in training to learn the Deva and Ouidad methods. She keeps a copy of Devas curly hair book in the salon. She used the luxury line of conditioner mixed with sulfate free shampoo on my hair and it smelled awesome. She also took the time to set my hair in ringlets. My hair looks perfect. Her cuts are super reasonably priced. If you have curly hair, even thick hair, you must see Raquel.In summary, Raquel is the Bomb!!!!! If you live in Gainesville or the surrounding area you must get your hair cut by her. You won't be sorry.

Reviewed on 09.04.09

Stylist: Raquel Torres

I am a Stylists at Salon Vogue and having curly hair myself, I understand the difficulties to finding a stylist that can correctly and efficiently cut and style curly hair :)

Reviewed on 05.14.09