CeCe's Coastal Hair & Skin Care

107 SW Coast St.
Newport, OR 97365

User Reviews

Stylist: CeCe

What a transformation! I went from long, sort of wavy brown hair to medium, very curly and wavy dark blond with highlights.I easily look 10 years younger (per family and friends). I am so excited to have my wonderful waves and curls back. This was truly the best hair experience I have ever had. CeCe performs magic and you will love your hair and your look. I cannot believe she is here in my town. I would drive hours to have her do my hair.

Reviewed on 03.18.12

Stylist: CeCe Kelly

I don't know why anyone would give this lady a bad review; not once during my entire appointment did she pull out a razor or blow-fryer. She did brush my hair out in the beginning, but that was because I had gone so long without a cut that my hair had grown thick and uneven, and the only way to fix this and cut each individual strand evenly was to see how it behaved when it was semi-straight. She cut each section and strand of hair like each was a living thing with a mind of its own and because she did that, I have great respect for her as a hair stylist. After all, she's been cutting 'the DevaCurl way' for over three years now and trust me, she's a pro. Not only did she show me how to properly hydrate my curls (I have really thick hair, and corkicelli curls, which soak up as much conditioner as you feed them), but she did it in a way that actually shortens my overall daily routine by about five minutes! Because it was my first time seeing her, and because she had to go over a bit in the appointment previous to mine, she gave me a complimentary eyebrow waxing, free clips and a free microfiber towel. She was completely friendly and sweet-natured, and made me feel like she cared about me and my, as she put it, 'beautiful head of hair'. I cannot recommend CeCe more, and please, don't believe negative reviews about her, because she really is the one of the sweetest and friendliest women I know! I'm definitely going back!

Reviewed on 10.13.11

Stylist: CeCe

Maybe CeCe cut my hair before her Deva training. I have had Deva cuts at other salons, including Deva Salon in New York, and CeCe's was not a Deva cut. She cut my hair wet(Deva cut is dry) and worst of all, used a razor extensively (a definite no no for curly hair). After almost a year, my very curly hair is still recovering from this awful haircut. If you have curly hair, stay away from CeCe and her razor.

Reviewed on 04.27.10

Stylist: CeCe Kelly

I cannot say enough good things about CeCe. She is the most personable, welcoming lady you'll ever meet and to top it all off, she is a true advocate for curly hair. She is Deva trained and wears her own curls proudly. Not only did she give me an amazing cut, but also went through my routine step by step with me so that we could correct some wrongs I'd been doing to lessen my curls, and to ensure I will continue to get great results daily. This fantastic lady should be working in a big city making hundreds per cut, but instead she's chosen to be in a small town salon bringing amazing hair to those of us who need it most. We talked about my hair goals and thanks to her, I feel completely able to meet them. She's worth every second of the drive! Note: The address here has changed, but her website has the correct one. Same general location.

Reviewed on 03.10.10

Stylist: CeCe

I was on holiday on the Oregon coast and found CeCe in Newport. It had been over five months since I got my hair cut and she was fabulous in rejuvenating my curls and getting my hair back to a healthy state. She has been trained by Deva Concepts in New York and is a curly head herself. She has a wonderful, warm personality and is reasonably priced. She was very meticulous in cutting my hair and trained me on how to maintain it :) I highly recommend her for anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest. I plan on going to see her every 6-8 weeks to keep my hair healthy and vibrant.

Reviewed on 05.25.09