PureBeauty Salon

39070 Argonaut Way
Fremont, CA 94538

User Reviews

Stylist: Sandra Lusch-Hernandez

Sandra has been cutting my hair for a few years now, after she corrected a terrible cut by someone else at her salon. She was not accepting new clients at the time, but understood how hard it is to find a stylist we can trust with curly hair, having curly hair herself! She offered to be my stylist and I accepted! I won't go to anyone else now, and hope she never moves out of the area (I'd travel to see her anyway!). I have had several "deva" cuts by Bay Area stylists before I met Sandra, but none of their cuts has ever compared to her wet cuts for me. She understands shrinkage, curls, no-poo... she is wonderful! I have already recommended her to several curlies that have had wonderful cuts by her as well.

Reviewed on 12.17.10

Stylist: Sandra L-H. (manager)

I got the official green light to refer my great stylist here. She wasn't taking on more clients before, but decided she wants to do more business (and not just manage). Her name is Sandra and she is the Manager of PureBeauty Salon at the Fremont Hub, 510-796-1610. I have had a few great cuts by Sandra now, since last April when she fixed my hair after one of her stylists messed it up (don't let Jesus dry cut you! He combs it straight and saturates with 'cones!). She is currently charging $27 for a cut (can't beat that!). She does cut my hair wet, but she does an excellent job! She has curly hair that she wears curly (probably a 2-something) and always compliments my tighter curls. She is a wonderfully sweet woman. She layers my hair and the curls really stand out. They don't clump and hide within each other. Now, no stylist has ever been able to style my hair that well (applies product and sets me under the hood dryer), but she does a good job! I can actually go out in public without hiding afterward. She never tries to straighten my hair. Her cuts also grow out very well. I have gone 5-6 months before between cuts while trying to grow out, and it still looked good. I have 3b/c/a hair. ;)

Reviewed on 05.29.09