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  • 70 George St # A
    Ottawa, ON K1N 5V9
    (613) 241-7902

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User Reviews (2)

Stylist: Julie

Julie is great with curly hair as she has curly hair herself. She will let you know if the style you want will work with the type of hair you have and if not she will suggest what can be done to do something similar. She is amazing and I am so glad to have her as my hair dresser!

REVIEWED BY: KayD  |  6.26.09

Stylist: Julie

Julie is amazing with curly hair. She has long, curly hair herself so she understands the problem you can get with curly hair. She works with what you want and are looking for and lets you know whether it is going to work with your curls and if not, what can be done to make things work. I am so glad my sister recommended her. All the stylist at this salon are great, but for curl you will want to see Julie for sure!

REVIEWED BY: KayD  |  6.4.09