Lock Starz

443 W Foothill Blvd
Monrovia, CA 91016

User Reviews

Stylist: Jennifer

After reviewing these comments, I had to try out this exciting salon. Cynthia was extremely busy that day and I really wanted to come by to get a cut (I waited almost a year.)immediately. Jennifer her business partner is the greatest woman I have ever met. She was very patient with me and gave me the best consultation ever. Soon as she started snipping, I couldn't help but to close my eyes. She is very professional and not to mention, very efficient with her skills. After she handed the mirror to me, my transformation was quite a site. I would recomend this salon to anyone who has fear to go to a salon, like me. I had the worst cuts in history and history has ended. Try Jennifer out and you will know! 626.359.5645

Reviewed on 08.26.08

Stylist: Cynthia

Cynthia gives the best haircuts. She's been my stylist for years and is the only person I trust to touch my hair with scissors! She is lighthanded with them and when you ask for a trim, she gives you a trim! Every person who's gone to her has bomb hair. And she's not just for curlies either! Also, if you're every looking for a stylist who has good color skills, she's the one and is more than willing to do the more 'weird' colors (as some stylists are hesitant to do that). Cynthia can do both trendy styles as well as one of a kind creations. Go see her! www.myspace.com/lockstarz for pictures

Reviewed on 11.09.07

Stylist: Jennifer

Anybody with curly hair knows its difficult to find a stylist that will listen to you when you tell them not to cut too much off because my hair will curl up. Jennifer listens and does a wonderful job on my hair. I had hard to cover grey hair also and it hasnt been a problem for her.

Reviewed on 10.12.07

Stylist: Cynthia

I read the review and decided to give Cynthia a try. I live about an hour away, but I went anyway. FANTASTIC cut. She did a dry cut and followed my directions (VERY little length cut off, just re-shape/re-layer). I've found my new salon!!

Reviewed on 09.01.07

Stylist: Cynthia

I drive for about an hour to get to this girl. Cynthia has years experience working with curly hair of all types and textures. She's been a fan of dry cuts since before reading the curly girl book. Not only is she a genious with cutting curly hair (she gets the spring when dry factor) but she understands how to color it. I gave her a wig of a very particular bright pink burgandy/red and she got it SO PERFECT that when my hair dried and I layed it over the wig, it was identical except that my hair was curly and the wig was straight. My hair has virtually no damage and is super shiny even after getting my roots done for several months now by her. You should try her out, she's a gem. Reasonable prices too - worth the drive. Oh yes, and one of my favorite parts, she serves complimentary wine! :-)

Reviewed on 07.27.07

Stylist: CYNTHIA

I been following Cynthia for about ten years now and she is worth the drive. I have been following Cynthia from salon to salon and I have often told her to open her own shop. The opportunity has came to her and she has been open since October of last year. I have that curly hair where if it is cut too much or too little, it just cannot do anything. She has given me advice on different syling techniques as well. Not to mention she is a great colorist. She is great with cutting ethnic hair and my mother is of African descent. She has been worth the drive for us although it is quite a ways now since she is about 40 miles away. Her address is 443 W. Foothill Blvd. in Monrovia. She will not disappoint you!!

Reviewed on 07.09.07