Marc Alan Day Spa

3319 Vollmer Rd
Flossmoor, IL 60422

User Reviews

Stylist: Geri

This stylist claimed to know how to cut curly hair and I was happy when she agreed to cut it dry, but then she proceeded to comb my whole head out. Big no no! I wanted to see the curls cut as the naturally fall. And the damage the combing out did - yikes! I also asked for Balayage highlights from another stylist and they all ended up in the back of my head as opposed to face-framing like I asked for. Will not be going back. Not curly friendly.

Reviewed on 12.17.11

Stylist: Kimberly

She's great with curly hair. She always keeps me up to date on products that will work for me and gives me the most versatile cut. Try this salon; you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed on 06.26.09