Philippe Suissa Salon

1100 South Hayes Street
Arlington, VA 22202

User Reviews

Stylist: Martha

I came here because of positive reviews from Yelp and boy am I please! Martha covered my gray while giving me gorgeous highlights. She also dried my hair straight and I could fully appreciate the color. Having curly hair herself, she understands it's texture and how to handle it. I plan to see her again when the time comes for another cut and color.

Reviewed on 02.15.11

Stylist: Martha

I have been coloring my gray, and about a year ago decided to go for highlights as well. I have dark brown hair, 3b/3c, with a sudden explosion of gray (of course very visible with darker hair). My former stylist moved farther away, and given the reviews of this salon, I decided it a try. I think the salon is best described "Dominican" in that they don't really specialize in "curly" styles, though they know how to work with curly hair. I didn't need a haircut, but was THRILLED with my color. Soft caramel highlights over my (no longer gray) hair looked very natural. Martha dried my hair straight which allowed me to see the color... it looked great! In these lower humidity months, my straight hair lasted a week, and I could have gone longer (I missed my curls). My coworkers LOVED it, thought it was a nice change (though they all like my curls). Now that I'm back to curly, the color still looks great, doesn't make my hair look dry or damaged. I plan to return for color and cut next time around; good value for your money.

Reviewed on 02.08.11

Stylist: Martha

Martha is amazing. My hair was a disaster when I came into the salon today. I recently developed an allergy to almost every hair product and I was nervous about going to a salon and bringing my own products. On top of that, my 3b hair has always been a huge challenge to stylists. I've been charged extra at other salons for my "difficult" hair. Bringing my own products turned out to be no big deal. Everyone at the salon was really nice about it. AND my hair looks amazing. Martha used a blow dryer (not a flat iron) to straighten my hair (without using any products). It is by far the best hair straitening I've ever had. My hair is shiny. And you know that thing that people with straight hair do where they run their fingers through their hair and change the part? I can totally do that right now. First time ever. My curls will be back when I wash my hair, but I'm really confident it will look great curly too. Martha really listened to what I wanted and was careful to make sure the cut was perfect. I'm thrilled with the cut and blowout. I'll definitely go back to Martha!

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Shela

I have been going to Bubbles at Pentagon City for over 6 years. I tried different stylists and colorists at Bubbles until I found Shela five years ago. I have been going to her faithfully ever since and will follow her where ever she goes. She is absolutely fabulous and gifted. I'm a curly girl and she knows how to take care of my locks(cut and color). When I found out she was no longer at Bubbles, I tracked her down at Phillipe Suissa Salon. For those of you who miss her, call (703) 415-5555.

Reviewed on 06.06.09

Stylist: Cece

For the first several years that I lived in the DC area, I kept bouncing from salon to salon, trying to find a stylist who could cut my curly hair. Then, in 2003, I found Cece at Bubbles Salon in Arlington. She was the first stylist I ever found who knew how to cut my hair correctly and gave me a cut I really loved. Sadly, three years later, she's changed her hours and, due to my schedule, I can no longer go to her to cut my hair. I recommend her highly and miss her!

Reviewed on 09.25.06