Lunatic Fringe

293 E. Altamonte Dr., #1201
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

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Stylist: Debbie Russell

This review is for Debbie Russell of Lunatic Fringe Salon. I discovered this salon perusing all the positive reviews that it received online. I certainly was not disappointed. I have naturally wavy/curly hair and have not had it cut properly for the past several years. I pretty much lost all of my curl after having my hair colored (professionally foiled) in early 2010. After letting all that grow out, I received my first Ouidad cut in the fall of 2011. What a mistake! That cut thinned my hair by about 50%, and failed to provide any additional curl. In the fall of 2012, I received my first Deva cut. This was certainly an improvement upon the Ouidad; however, I could not duplicate the curl the stylist provided, regardless of the techniques or products that I used. Desperately needing a new cut, I found Lunatic Fringe and Debbie Russell. This salon is fairly good sized and very clean. Everyone was professional and welcoming. I very much appreciate the fact that Debbie has naturally curly hair herself, so she understands how to cut and shape it. I provided Debbie with pictures of myself sporting haircuts/styles that I really liked. She actually studied the photos and discussed all my options with me, and cut my hair in a way that seems to have maximized its full curl potential. She cut my hair dry, very similar to the Deva cut; however I feel that she provided a good deal more in the way of shaping. This is something that I felt was missing from the Deva. She snipped off a tiny bit more hair after it was washed. I just received this cut on February 15th, and it still looks great.

Reviewed on 02.17.13

Stylist: Luisa V

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! Luisa is great. Her hair is beautiful! I got my first Deva Cut today and I LOVE it. The best $40 I have ever spent. The other stylist were really nice as well. Btw I have 3b hair that is very hard to manage. She went in without hesitating. I will continue going to Luisa as long as I can.

Reviewed on 06.25.11

Stylist: Luisa Valdes

As a person that has straightened her hair for some time now, Luisa has been a wonderful educational educator to me. One of my favorite lessons she has taught me is how to curl my hair using a flat iron. Now I know these curls aren't natural but they are curls non the less. I am transitioning to natural hair at this time and look forward to the new hairstyles awaiting me.

Reviewed on 01.16.11

Stylist: Luisa Valdez

As with most curly-haired ladies I have always struggled when it comes to trimming my hair. If it looks great straight it's a hot mess when it curls back up and has very choppy layers. I went to Luisa, who has beautiful curly hair herself,and she did a phenomenal job. I LOVED my hair!

Reviewed on 01.13.11

Stylist: Luisa

I have have been going to Luisa for well over a year now and she definitely is amazing with my hair. Prior to my first visit with her, I was going to another salon and the stylist really messed up my initial hair cut really bad and I was very upset. When Lunatic Fringe first opened, I went in and looked over their menu of services, etc. At first, I was a little leary - but after my consultation with Luisa and explaining to her my problems I had and my type of hair, etc. She was extremely patient and very knowledgeable of "heavy", curly-wavy hair. Needless to say, I was convinced she was the right stylist for me. She understood my hair, and still does. I too made a mistake like another reviewer mentioned - needed to get in for my haircut a while back, Luisa was not working that day. I selected another stylist - BIG MISTAKE !! I will never do that again !! If you want a great stylist that understands and listens, it's Luisa. She only works 2 days a week - so you need to book in advanced to make sure you get her !!! You will not be disappointed !

Reviewed on 01.06.11

Stylist: Luisa V

I am 28 years old and before I started seeing Luisa last year I had never gone to the same stylists more than once! I have had so many bad experiences that there were times where it would be a couple of years before I was willing to pay for my next hair cut. I had come across this website and found all the great reviews about Lusia, so I called and made my appointment. I was at the stage where it had been about two years since my last cut, and I was very tired of always pulling my hip length curls into a bun every morning. After talking with Luisa I decided to chop it all off to shoulder length and donated my hair to Locks of Love. Since then I have been back to see her for my regular hair maintenance (which is a first for me!), and this also the first time where I feel comfortable and proud about showing off my curls - and I am determined not to ever hide them in a bun again! Thank you Luisa!

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Luisa Valdes

I have been bringing my 8 yr old daughter to Luisa for the past 2 years. She has very similar hair to Luisa because she is bi-racial. Her hair always comes out looking amazing. I never have to tell Luisa what to do with it, she just knows. I trust her with my hair as well. I tell her to do whatever she wants because I know she always does a fantastic job!! I have recommended at least 10 clients to her and will continue to send more people to her.

Reviewed on 12.31.10

Stylist: Luisa

Luisa is the most amazing stylist I've had - she has a fun personality and she also has curly hair so she can completely identify with any problems you might be having! She gave me a great cut that was stylish and easy to work with when I got home!

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Louisa

I was desperate to find a stylist who could handle my curls properly(not need to straighten before cutting), and I found Louisa through NC. She's a gem! I saw her the first time at the end of July before my cruise, and she gave me the shape I needed. Saw her a second time end of October because I wanted to go even shorter. She did just the right thing by taking bulk out the back so my hair stands full like I like. Doesn't even look short! Wish she were in the shop more days, but I am very happy with her and will be back!

Reviewed on 12.05.10

Stylist: Luisa

I really don't understand the positive reviews. I received an extremely bad cut (and styling) from Luisa. I went in to trim and even out my 3c hair. I came back looking like a frizzy mess. My family wondered what in the world I did to my hair. After washing it at home, I realized that I had a very bad case of triangle hair. My curls, still quite uneven, form an ugly triangle. This is very unattractive. I let her know while at the salon that I did not like it too much. She did not seem to know what to do, but kindly offered to call me back a few days later to see how I liked it after styling it myself. I am still waiting for that phone call. The following week, I left Luisa a voice mail to ask her what she suggests I do (wait it out or have her recut it), and she never returned my call. That is very unprofessional. Now I have to pay $65 to have it corrected by a Devachan trained stylist, who saw my hair and confirm that it was a pretty poor cut. I am not happy at all. Luisa seemed very nice and sweet at first, but that only goes so far if the skills are not there.

Reviewed on 11.23.10

Stylist: Luisa Valdes

Another very happy customer, here. This was the first time I've ever had layers cut that didn't look stair-step or stringy. Luisa gave me a curly style that frames my face nicely, adds volume to the sides of my head, and showcases the natural curl I have. I'm a 2 and have little to no "root curl", even with product, but now that fact looks like an intentional style instead of hair that wilted in the humidity. After I said I was CG, Luisa offered me the choice of co-washing or sulfate-free shampooing my hair before cutting. And she took the time to show me how to diffuse it at home, stopping to let me feel my hair and learn how wet it should be before and after diffusing. I am definitely going back!

Reviewed on 10.20.10

Stylist: Luisa

Luisa was beyond amazing- she's the first stylist I've ever had who listens. We spent the first 30 minutes of my appointment talking about my hair: what I liked, what I hated, what I'd like to see achieved with my hair by the end of the appointment. She taught me a lot, and I enjoyed the appointment. She did a fantastic job cutting 13 inches off my hair and leaving me with a very cute and curly haircut. I was also very impressed with the cost, for a 3 hour appointment with consultation, wash, cut, style, blow dry was only $45.00. I highly recommend Luisa!

Reviewed on 10.08.10

Stylist: Luisa

Luisa is Amazing. I made an appointment with her after seeing her reviews on this site. I have very thick 3b/3c hair, longest layer a bit below my shoulder, shortest just under my chin. My hair is quite dry and damaged in the front due to lots of heat styling and relaxers/texturizers. I could never get that section to curl well or look healthy but Luisa hooked it up. My hair looks wonderful, the layers are great (not choppy or traingle-y at all) and it only cost $40. She clearly knows what she's doing, is very nice and easy to get along with, and listened well when I explained how my hair behaves and what I wanted it to look like. I was holding my breath because I have never ever had a stylist make my curls look good. Luisa worked a miracle. I can't sing her praises enough and I will most definitely be coming back every 4-6 months for a tune up.

Reviewed on 08.06.10

Stylist: Luisa

Luisa is great! From the first moment I saw her, I knew the appointment was going to go well -- Luisa has gorgeous curly hair, so she knows what she's talking about. She listened to what I wanted, took the time to really assess my hair type and then suggested a minor trim that made all the difference in the world. She used shampoo/condidioner and styling products for my hair type and showed me exactly how to style my hair myself. My hair looks fabulous. This is the first time I've met a stylist who really gets it when working with curly hair! Bravo ... she has a customer for life!!!

Reviewed on 07.30.10

Stylist: Luisa

I found out about Luisa and the salon from this website. She was extremely nice and wonderful. I went from BSL (bra strap lenght) hair to a curly bob (just above my shoulders) and it is EXACTLY how I wanted it to be based on photos I showed her. I received my cut at the end of May and will be returning to her in October for my birthday cut (down to 3-4 inches)! She's great! Mary

Reviewed on 07.20.10

Stylist: Luis

WARNING: just because Luisa is awesome, does not mean the other stylists are. This is unfortunate because I was in a hurry because I was going on vacation for 2 weeks, so I tried to get an appointment with Luisa before I left. She is only in the salon 2 days a week! So I figured, I will just make an appointment with someone else because I just needed at root touch up and trim. BIG mistake! Long story short, I was very disappointed and had blue sections in my hair and had to come back to have it corrected but still was unhappy and was charged way too much!!

Reviewed on 07.20.10

Stylist: Luisa

I've gone to many salons and have had horrible haircuts. Wether I asked for a trim and walked out with a major cut or unblended layers that looked like steps in my hair. A curly hair friend refered me to this site where I found Luisa. I read some reviews and decided to go in for a consultation. She has curly hair similar to mine and thoroughly explained the process, I turned my consult into a haircut. Not only is it the best haircut I have ever received but she brought out curls I have never seen in my head. I HIGHLY recommend her.

Reviewed on 06.17.10

Stylist: Luisa

I had it with my curly hair expert (a highly touted one in Philadelphia) and he went on strike and would not let me cut my hair for several months. I went to Florida for a trade show. I realized when I was there my hair looked like a poorly trimmed hedge. Something had to be done so I searched your website to find a salon near Orlando. I found Luisa, and what a find she was. Unlike my guy in Philadelphia, she listened (a refreshing change) and gave me the best haircut I have ever had. She was extremely professional and gets it. It was a fabulous hair experience. My haircut held it's shape and was extremely easy to style. All in all, it was a great experience with Luisa. I returned home and after 3 months went back to Mr Philadelphia Curl Expert. I asked if he could follow the line Luisa set and he said yes,HE LIED! Luisa, I wish you were closer to repair the damage he has done. I will definitely make my way to Orlando to see Luisa again! If you are fortunate enough to be close enough to go to see Luisa in Altamonte Springs, GO! I wish I could.

Reviewed on 05.14.10

Stylist: Luisa

I accepted my curly hair 4 years ago. For the first three years I drove 3 hours to an Ouidad salon in Fort Lauderdale for Ouidad cuts. The haircuts were wonderful but expensive and really far away. I ventured to Luisa's haircuts based on reviews in this website and was very impressed with the cut. I have had two cuts with her and have been VERY PLEASED. I style it myself. So far I have not found out anybody that can style the hair like the OUIDAD salon did. Luisa and the staff at Lunatic fringe are very nice and the prices are extremely reasonable. Let Luisa take care of your curls, you will not be sorry. fr1632

Reviewed on 02.26.10

Stylist: Luisa

Luisa has amazing curly hair and while the texture and length of my hair is different she always manages to give me a chic new look! When Luisa and I first met, my hair was extremely long, thick and curly. She always changed up my style with occasional blowouts that left my hair shiny and fabulous. I would highly recommend you coming in just to talk to her. She has an amazing personality and you'll feel completely comfortable with her extensive knowledge on curls and how we can better manage them. We've all been there. Go in to see her!

Reviewed on 10.22.09

Stylist: Luisa

She has amazing curls herself, and has really made a difference with my hair. She uses Paul Mitchell Round Trip, Sculpting Foam and Mixed Chicks.

Reviewed on 06.08.09